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Hey everyone! So I've recently passed my NCLEX-PN (07/30) and am a newly licensed nurse in CA. I'm also excited to say that I've officially secured my first job at a SNF that I ironically used to work at (for a short 4 month stent) as a nursing assistant a few years ago. The shift I secured is 11p-7a, which is the same shift I used to work on when I was a nursing assistant there. Now with my start date on next Wednesday, I'm getting more nervous and anxious by the day and have some questions:

1) What should I expect for orientation/training for these first 2 weeks?

2) The mere fact that training is "only" for 2 weeks is the most nerve wrecking part....as a new employee, would I be able to request more time IF NEEDED?

3) What are some pros/cons of graveyard shift as a nurse?

Thank you!

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I have never worked LTC/SNF personally, but I remember in nursing school, the LVN mostly did med pass, and basic treatments like wound care/wound vacs, Gtube meds and feedings. Hardly any IV involvement since your IV scope of practice is so limited in CA, (asssuming you’re certified). Generally yes you can request an additional week or two, especially with them knowing you’re a new grad. And id like to think night shift can be a good learning environment, especially on orientation since it’s generally slower pace. *** can hit the fan quick though, so make sure you’re not the only nurse in the building when you’re off orientation. CONGRATS and best of luck!