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Archerlpvn LPN, LVN

Home health, Addictions, Detox, Psych and clinics.
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Archerlpvn has 9 years experience as a LPN, LVN and specializes in Home health, Addictions, Detox, Psych and clinics..

LPN/LVN originally from CA. Traveling LPN!

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  1. Archerlpvn

    Work while license is endorsed?

    Nope, obtaining new licenses will not cause your previous license(S) to automatically forfeit unless you go from compact to compact with multistate privilege. So you’re all good!
  2. Archerlpvn

    Moving from CA to AR

    Start your nursing license application now, you’ll more than likely have to get fingerprinted for AR, pay the fees, send transcripts etc and pay the CA license verification fee. And I keep my CA license current, even though I’m not working there just in case; it’s worth it.
  3. Archerlpvn

    Non Clinical Jobs

    Really depends on where you’re an LVN at and the job market. I just type LVN in search bar on indeed.com. Hopefully different clinic, psych/addictions, corrections, MDS coordinator, and other non-back breaking jobs come up. Good luck 🙂
  4. Archerlpvn

    Advice Please!!

    Are you an LVN in CA or TX? Scopes of practice are so different in those two states so expectations could differ as Well.
  5. Archerlpvn

    Complaint against me to BVNPT

    I do hope you have, or will get nurses liability insurance. I go through NSO.
  6. I think so much of your question has to do with where in CA you’re looking to buy. It would be hard on an LVN salary to afford a home on a single LVN salary in any of CA’s metro areas or adjacent. Can it be done, pretty sure, but I wouldn’t be easy. Good luck to you 🙂
  7. Archerlpvn

    Weekend Staffing

    Have y’all tried offering enticing/generous weekend differentials? I think a 4 on 2 day off would work for less people, and cause increased turnover.
  8. Archerlpvn

    Decided not to pursue RN, may leave nursing eventually

    The home health you’re referring to is private duty home health, which is very different from intermittent home health. Maybe you could try doing a combo of private duty and visits? I like visits more, keeps you on your toes a little, use more Of a variety assessment skills, and hands on skills. Downside is the driving from home to home. Good luck! 🙂
  9. Archerlpvn

    School Nurse Position

    I’d like to think so yes, as long as there are set protocols in place to help guide you, yes.
  10. Archerlpvn

    School Nurse Position

    Supervision can be a very loose term. Supervision can mean offsite, and or onsite. Available by phone etc. If they do end up utilizing an LPN, you probably would be the only nurse on site the majority of the time, but they would like have a supervising RN above you, who would be responsible for multiple school etc.
  11. Archerlpvn

    Can a new grad LPN make it in California?

    It can be done.. depending on where in LA you choose to live. I’m from LA. Pay ranges are huge in CA. LVNs being offered 18$ an hour all the way up to 35$ + an hour. There are so many LVNs in CA that they can pick and choose people willing to accept lower pay. And keep in mind, you should get IV certified in CA once you get there, should you decide to move.
  12. Archerlpvn

    Clinic nurse

    Try and get very familiar immunization schedule, the idea of doing triage both in person and over the phone. IM injections, blood draws, heel sticks and more. It really depends if it’s an adult speciality clinic, family practice, peds or peds speciality.
  13. Archerlpvn

    Help :(

    Awww... hang in there, take the time you need to figure out what's best for you. I can see why you're conflicted.. seems tough.. Best of luck to you, and I wish you all the best, gay nurse to gay nurse :)
  14. Archerlpvn

    LPN in the OR?

    In many states, LPNs can function in this role. I think a lot of it has to do with the specific state you are in their LPN scope of practice. It would help if we knew what state you're in.
  15. Archerlpvn

    Home Health SOC Orders

    A start of care can only be signed by physician. The nurse receiving and generating the order who is performing the SOC signs it as well. But a doctors nurse cannot "sign" it on behalf of the doctor with nurse credentials. What the doctors nurse can do, is give you a verbal order for the start of care which you would document. Once you write the SOC order you would send to physician for their signature. Hope this helps
  16. Archerlpvn

    Good quality stethoscopes that aren't Littmann?

    MDF is a great brand and value. Their entry level stethoscope is called "acoustica" I believe and still has a lifetime warranty. About half the price of littmans entry level stethoscope and way better warranty. ADscope is another great brand, but MDF has the better value with lifetime warranty on even their entry level.