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Home health, Addictions, Detox, Psych and clinics.
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Archerlpvn has 10 years experience as a LPN, LVN and specializes in Home health, Addictions, Detox, Psych and clinics..

LPN/LVN originally from CA. Traveling LPN!

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  1. Work while license is endorsed?

    Nope, obtaining new licenses will not cause your previous license(S) to automatically forfeit unless you go from compact to compact with multistate privilege. So you’re all good!
  2. Moving from CA to AR

    Start your nursing license application now, you’ll more than likely have to get fingerprinted for AR, pay the fees, send transcripts etc and pay the CA license verification fee. And I keep my CA license current, even though I’m not working there just...
  3. NCLEX PN Results 2020

    Down below is a screenshot of their current processing times and dates for different services
  4. New Speciality

    Y’all should have a manual on dosing and shot schedules and protocols for reactions, missed doses. Every clinic/company doses a little bit differently with dilutions, frequency. Make sure people have their Epi pens and took an antihistamine the night...
  5. Non Clinical Jobs

    Really depends on where you’re an LVN at and the job market. I just type LVN in search bar on Hopefully different clinic, psych/addictions, corrections, MDS coordinator, and other non-back breaking jobs come up. Good luck ?
  6. Advice Please!!

    Are you an LVN in CA or TX? Scopes of practice are so different in those two states so expectations could differ as Well.
  7. Complaint against me to BVNPT

    I do hope you have, or will get nurses liability insurance. I go through NSO.
  8. Moving to another state

    No it will not make your CA license inactive. You will be able to keep your CA license active if you continue to renew.
  9. Complaint against me to BVNPT

    Don’t get a lawyer yet. The complaint isn’t going to amount to anything especially when you followed physicians orders. And you have those statements from MD and manager on duty. The board will more than likely find the complaint unsubstantiated.
  10. Phasing out LPN

    No they will not completely phase out LPNs. Some hospital positions to exist depending on the part of the country youre in. We work in nursing homes, Rehabs, jails and prisons, doctors offices/Clinics of all specialities, home health both visits and ...
  11. I think so much of your question has to do with where in CA you’re looking to buy. It would be hard on an LVN salary to afford a home on a single LVN salary in any of CA’s metro areas or adjacent. Can it be done, pretty sure, but I wouldn’t be easy. ...
  12. Help With Software

    The companies I have worked for, have provided us with tablets or phones capable of using the EMR. I’ll get about 75-90% of the charting done in the home. I’m an LPN, so I’m talking about routine visits of course. Most of the time, I’ve had to call a...
  13. Overworked

    Depending on the EMR you use, if you self schedule, make sure to make the changes after 5:30pm, once the office closes LOL. So you can only see 3-4 patients on a given day, and they can’t add anymore to you after 5:30 that day. You have to be crafty/...
  14. Weekend Staffing

    Have y’all tried offering enticing/generous weekend differentials? I think a 4 on 2 day off would work for less people, and cause increased turnover.
  15. New Pediatric LPN Homecare advice

    Depends on the case, but expect to deal with feeding tubes, ventilators, tracheostomies, suctioning, performing ADLs, CPT, seizure disorders, ROM exercises, assessments etc.