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**Took my NCLEX-PN this morning....


So I finally took my NCLEX-PN this morning at 8am and....that exam was a lot more challenging than initially expected! I solely utilized U-World and knocked out about 1000 questions in the qbank as well as completed 2 assessments. I gave myself about 2 weeks to devote to knocking out some serious studying (though I successfully completed my program in January and have been actively using UWorld since then and was just now able to take my NCLEX, but that’s another topic for another thread LOL) but before knocking out the qbank I took my 1st assessment to gauge where my competency was. I received a “Borderline” score with 49%. This motivated me to go all-in and complete as many questions as I possibly could (while working full time) and doing so with reading each rationale. With 2 days left before my test, I did my 2nd assessment and received a “Very High” chance of passing, and this boosted my confidence.

And now for test day....I was a NERVOUS WRECK, but tried my absolute best to remain calm, control my breathing and tremors, and go in with the mindset of giving this exam all that I have. What I found was that though I do feel that UWorld is an amazing resource to utilize and it does share a number of similarities, the NCLEX is a beast of its own LOL. I approached question 60, answered it, took a deep breathe and selected next (with hopes that I had answered well enough for the test to be completed) and to my surprise it went to the next question. I continued to answer, until reaching question 126...after answering this one, my exam shut off. At that point I was EXHAUSTED, a nervous wreck (I’ve had horrible test anxiety my entire life, but thankfully did well through nursing school) and just wanted to get out of there. I made it home and a few hours later decided to do the PVT trick and received the “Good pop up” message. I’m at a point to where I’m just hoping this is actually true and that I passed but only time will tell now.AEF5E2F5-FA45-41F0-9127-38C19A7A910A.thumb.jpeg.1d961a95d132b5eab8cb11d92dc5321b.jpeg