COUNTDOWN BEGINS: 2 weeks till NCLEX-PN!!**Finally**


Well.....the time has come. This has been a long, strenuous process and now I have FINALLY set my NCLEX-PN date for July 30th, 8am bright and early! Up until yesterday, it has taken me over 2 months to receive an ATT from the CA BON and to say that my anxiety has been through the roof is a complete understatement. Endless phone calls only to receive general answers, my evaluator FINALLY contacting me after a month and a half of hearing absolutely nothing from her (I sent emails, called, etc) only to find out that this whole time she had the wrong number because apparently one of the representatives I spoke with for the first time to inquire about the status of my application wrote down my call back number incorrectly and she called that incorrect number trying to get in contact with me until finally realizing it was a wrong number 😪...... and now I've officially set my date and I'm beyond nervous/anxious. I've been solely using U-World and took my first assessment yesterday and received "borderline" (granted I had a couple distractions with my partner being in the same room and background noise) which kind of has me on edge!

Anyone have any tips as to what I should do to better prepare myself? I know this question has been asked plenty of times but I just really want to be the most prepared I can possibly be.

And for everyone that has submitted there apps to the board, BE PATIENT. I know it's extremely difficult, but from what I've gathered through conversation is that they are completely swamped and there have been a lot of things happening on a daily basis unfortunately due to COVID-19 which has placed them even further behind.

But all-in-all, wish me luck everyone!!😥😩