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  1. hearthappiness

    Help. Microbiology

    I'm having trouble with lecture
  2. hearthappiness

    Help. Microbiology

    Hello, I'm currently enrolled in a 8week course in microbiology and didn't get the grade I wanted in my first exam. How did you guys study for this course. I feel like this course is more difficult for me then a&p. Any study tips would help so much and advice thank you.
  3. hearthappiness

    NSC SPRING 2018 hopefuls

    Hi there ! Keep in mind you also need two more classes and the ones you mentioned above which are Chs 421 which is a pre-requisite for Chem.112 and nurs337 is a pre-requisite for all three sciences courses so you can't take it until you have completed biology 223 224 251. I would advise to take chemistry first since it's a pre-requisite for biology 251 and Chs 421 . Or to take biology 251 at Csn. I think you will be able to apply for the fall 2018 best of luck to you .
  4. hearthappiness

    UNLV school of nursing

    Yes they do go by a point system talk to an advisor . Unlv is so competitive good luck and get good grades í ½í¸Š
  5. hearthappiness

    NSC SPRING 2018 hopefuls

    Yes really. I'm hoping to apply for summer or fall 2018
  6. hearthappiness

    NSC SPRING 2018 hopefuls

    I've been told Chs 412 is easy but patho is hard and a advisor told me if both are taken together it's hard .
  7. hearthappiness


    I'm hoping to take Chem 108 next semester and was wondering if anyone knew a pre-requisite class before I take this class ? It's been a while since I've took a chemistry class. Or anything that would help me pass this class. Anything would help. Thanks !
  8. hearthappiness


    I only have a couple classes left before I can apply to the nursing program and was hoping to know if the CNA Program was worth it before applying to nursing school or if it was a waste of time
  9. hearthappiness


    At college of southern Nevada
  10. hearthappiness


    So I am taking the CNA course this fall and was wondering how the work load was or what to expect in the course since I hope to take it with another class. Any tips would help thanks.
  11. hearthappiness


    So I'm taking the CNA course this fall and was wondering how the work load was or what to expect in the course since I hope to take it with another class. Any tips would help thanks.
  12. hearthappiness


    Hello, I was wondering on which out of the three nursing programs like CSN, NSC, or UNLV has a better program and a higher NCLEX passing rate anything would help. Or which is better like NSC or UNLV.
  13. hearthappiness

    Unlv or nsc

    So I am stuck between which school to apply to for the nursing program between nsc or unlv. I just have a few prerequisites left and I can apply but I have no clue which school is better . Any suggestions or tips would help
  14. hearthappiness

    Tips for Nursing entrance exams

    So I'm applying to three different universities for nursing school and they all require different entrance exams. The three entrance exams are the Hesi, Teas, and the Kaplan entrance exam. Is there any tips on what to expect on all three different test. I'm going to take them separately and not all together. Any studying tips will help out so much!.
  15. hearthappiness

    Csn biology 2016

    So I'm starting my biology classes this spring of 16 at csn and is there any tips when it comes to taking these classes? Any recommendations of what professors to take for biology 189 if you do pm me? I only have my biology classes left and then I can apply to the nursing program. Anything would help.