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Csn biology 2016


So I'm starting my biology classes this spring of 16 at csn and is there any tips when it comes to taking these classes? Any recommendations of what professors to take for biology 189 if you do pm me? I only have my biology classes left and then I can apply to the nursing program.

Anything would help.

I am currently taking bio 224, in my opinion, bio 189 has been the most difficult one...I really enjoyed the lab portion, but lecture was a little rough for me.

My advice would be to make sure to record the lectures and re-read all you notes..some instructors only test off their power point slides/notes. Good luck!

I took BIO 189 last summer at NSC. It was a 12 week course. I really think that the professor plays a big role in how you understand the material and how you do on exams which of course will reflect your overall grade in that course. What I did was try to read the chapters before class. I would record the lectures. And I would watch videos online (youtube has a lot of good videos) about whatever subject we where learning, and this would immensely help in me understanding all the steps that take place in the topic being discussed. Unfortunately this website does not allow us to publicly post professor's name. But I would suggest visiting the website rate my professor, and researching which professor you think would be the best.