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  1. RNhere

    Nursing is not for me

    I have no interest in Nurse anesthesia. I just don't like nursing in general.
  2. RNhere

    Nursing is not for me

    Hello everyone, A little background, I am what people refer to as an old new grad nurse. Someone who took a year or two to land a first RN position. I remember starting out nursing school. My friend and I were practicing our nursing skills in a lab. we looked at one another and said we will never work in a bedside position. My friend quit nursing for biology and she now has a masters in public health. I on the other hand finished my BSN degree. i now realize it was a big mistake to finish BSN. Right now I want to quit my RN position. I want to go back to university to get my masters. I have MPH in mind. Does anyone know about any other master programs to keep me as far away from nursing as possible.
  3. RNhere

    Hope at the end

    Hello everyone, I am writing to give encouragement to new nurses struggling to find their first nursing jobs. It has been over 2 years since I graduated. ALMOST 2 and 1/2 years to be exact. It was a long journey but I finally have landed my first job as a nurse. After 2 year mark I almost gave up. BUT the past few months I started to believe there may be hope. I contacted my employer after I submitted my application. They told me to come in for an interview and the rest is history. DO not give up never give up :)
  4. RNhere

    Finally on the 5th try, I passed the NCLEX 5-26-15

  5. RNhere

    To follow my dream.

    Thanks for your advice. what I do not understand is why we can't start out as community nurses without working in the hospital.
  6. RNhere


    I also did not pass NCLEX on the first year since graduating. I failed the first time. I felt the same feelings you are feeling. My advice is to keep studying all that you can until your test date. Do your best to ignore the feeling of falling behind while everyone is passing. It was very hard for me being asked by my friends whether or not I passed. I wasn't sure if I can pass as they did. But I kept on studying and it helped. I ended up passing.
  7. RNhere

    To follow my dream.

    Hello everyone, I graduated from nursing school 2 1/2 years ago. I struggled to find my first nursing job. I almost gave up on nursing but my hopes were renewed when I landed a part time position at a doctor's office. I love my job but I want to follow my dreams. I recently saw a job posting looking for community Nurse. Its only requirement is a BSN degree. When I graduated nursing school, my dream was to work as a community nurse. However, all the positions so far have asked for at least a year of clinical experience. I did not want to work in the hospital only to get the experience. I have experience working in a doctor's office. I am a very patient person. I will wait for my dream to become a community nurse for as long as it takes. Are there any nurses who started their careers as community nurses? How long did you wait to land a community nurse position? Can I apply to this position? Are there any advice you can give me? Thanks everybody.
  8. RNhere

    Hopeless Nursing Grad

    I love the comment above mine. I agree there are so many free resources at the library. My advice is to never give up. You have finished nursing school. Always remember that. It doesn't matter how long ago you graduated. As long as your Board of nursing accepts your application, you still have a chance to become an RN. I wish you all the best.
  9. RNhere


    I remember being a pre-nursing student and failing a statistics class. I took it again and had an A. I was able to apply to nursing program and both schools accepted me. My advice to you is to do your best to get a C and if you fail to try again.
  10. RNhere

    Feeling insecure

    It was adult day health center here in Delaware.
  11. RNhere

    Feeling insecure

    I almost gave up on nursing after searching for over 2 years for my first nursing job. AFTER the interview, I was told that they will contact me about when I can start. But I am second guessing myself now thinking they may never call me or worse they may tell me i am not well fitted for the position. How long should I wait for them to contact me? It has been a day so far.
  12. RNhere

    Nursing opportunities in Canad

    I wanted to ask does Canada welcome new grad nurses to come from the US? I am a US educated. Unfortunately it has been many months since I graduated and passed the NCLEX-RN and I have yet to land my first nursing job. I am considering the Alberta Canada. I looked at the website of the licensing board and they have a link for international applicants. DO I have a chance as a new grad with no prior experience other than passing the NCLEx-RN?
  13. RNhere

    Online application

    Hello everyone, I applied at a hospital online for RN position. I signed in to check my status and it says there has been a change. They did not explain what the change is except to highlight the position in yellow. what does this mean? Please help.
  14. RNhere

    Applying out of state

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if one applies online for a RN position out of state, and the employer is interested how is the interview conducted?
  15. RNhere

    Burn nursing

    I am a new grad and I recently applied for a new grad position at a burn unit. I am at the moment praying to get the position. In the meantime, I read my nursing school textbooks on burn care. I also read articles on the experiences of burn nurses. One article was very informative in that it presented the new grads' experiences. I am now looking for articles on the ways families and patients are affected and how nurses can help. The waiting game to hear the decision of the hiring managers is making me feel butterflies. In the mean time if any of you started your nursing career in a burn unit, please offer any advice.

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