What should I do?


The next day after I applied for a RN position, they called me. However, my voicemail wasn't working. I called them back and left a message. It has been a week and they did not return my call. what should I do now?


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Call again.

So I'm new to this site don't know how to start my own forum yet. But I have a question I'm an LPN experenced (2 years homecare) and have per diem job interview at a great great company I've wanted to get for a while its my second one with them! Idk what to do bc I'm afraid after summertime there will be no hours but i want to try to keep my agency job at 15 hrs plus EO sat 11-7. This job is great and I'm sure ill eventually get a permanent position. I guess I'm not a good risk taker but I'm sure it will be ok I just need advice from nurses!!!! The job is daytime at dr office! I want to make sure I'm available for them as much as possible bc they said they want someone who can do vacations for people. But my agency is short staffed and nurses do per diem all the time at my agency and there's always hours to pick up at my current job if need be.