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  1. staffnursepenny

    License by endorsment lost online

    i applied online for license by endorsment 3 months ago attaching all requested paperwork and payment taking out of my account. I sent fingerprint hard card through mail. Recently I got a letter asking me to submit application and paperwork by mail. I thought this is a response to the mailed documents and that they hadn't reviewed my online application as different account numbers. So i sent them a message via additional paperwork online section asking them to look at my online application which has paperwork attached. Now i can't see my online application!! There is no license information. Just the additional paperwork open pending status but nothing about my application!! What does this mean? Do I have to submit everything again by mail. Surely they would still have my application open and deficiencies listed?
  2. staffnursepenny

    Visa Screen Certificate application

    I am trying to do a visa screen certificate! Do I send “Request for Validation of Registration/ License” form to both my nursing council in the UK & Ca BORN. I have just contacted my nursing & midwifery council & they inform me I have to first fill out an application for the vsc, then I will get a number & then I can send off all the forms of requests to school of nursing etc. I assumed I should do it all at once! Do I send photocopies first with the vsc application? & do I include authorization to release info & payment-this is too confusing. Should I apply online first? :angryfire
  3. staffnursepenny

    VSC cgfns

    OGP told me it was too early to get VSC but that we could start greencard!!! Hence why I am confused what's the difference don't you need VCS to get greencard??? What should I do next? approach hospitals or fill in cgfns form?
  4. staffnursepenny

    VSC cgfns

    I have passed the NCLEX RN I am a UK trained nurse & wishing to start next stage of working in america I have been told by lawyers to fill out cgfns form for vcs however two agencies have informed me that for a greencard I don't need cgfns document-I understand with the NCLEX I don't need the cgfns exam but what do I do next? Are there different methods if going for direct sponsorship than with an agency. I am getting confused x:nurse::bowingpur
  5. staffnursepenny

    Why I think I passed NCLEX RN-TIPS

    I didn't pass the first time because I didn't understand the NCLEX but coming to this forum & reading the postings helped me! The secret to passing the NCLEX for me was remembering the basics of nursing! ASSESSMENT, PLANNING, IMPLEMENTATION & EVALUATION, MASLOW HIERACY OF NEEDS, & AIRWAY BREATHING & CIRCULATION. TRAUMA etc. I needed to understand what the question was asking & then with some simply facts blood/lab levels, meds etc. Also updating my knowledge on all areas of nursing adult child etc. Now I understand this sounds like alot but I haven't just left nursing school & have only recently worked in adult nursing, & I am a UK nurse-so I had to do my homework! I took my time studying most days I'm sad to say I couldn't stick to Suzanne's plan because I couldn't study everyday. This time-I found the NCSBN online course helped me focus my time, & it's subjects are broken down similar to the NCLEX RN exam. Also Kaplan's NCLEX-RN International book helped me worked out the answers! http://www.amazon.com/NCLEX-RN-International-Kaplan-Preparation-Nclex-Rn/dp/0743269063/ref=pd_sim_b_img_3 My experience may help you who knows?-& there are lots of NCLEX tips on this site Good luck :redpinkhe
  6. staffnursepenny

    SSN 3 years

    I have just found out I passed NCLEX RN & that I have 3 years to pass on my SSN but as an UK nurse I have to wait for sponsor/visa! With the retrogressin on what would happen if it takes longer than 3 years to gain employment? I don't fancy having to start the process all over again!!!!:icon_roll
  7. staffnursepenny

    I passed NCLEX RN

    Thank you to ALL of you who helped & supported me! The secret is to understand the questions-Kaplan International book helped me alot :balloons: As an UK nurse it wasn't easy & took me 2 attempts so don't give up-we can all pass this test! Now to start the Visa process :w00t: Penny xxxxx:redpinkhe:cheers:
  8. staffnursepenny

    Need encouragement

    Thank you for your reply. I know my life will be so much better when I move to America. I have family in San Diego & in my opinion it is the best place I have ever been, my husband lived there some years ago & he is desperate to get back. I miss my family so much. Sometimes I feel like selling my house & buying a business just to get there quicker. I know if it's meant to be it will be I'll just have to wait for the right time:bugeyes:
  9. staffnursepenny

    Need encouragement

    I have started the LONG process of moving from UK to US, but I am only at the beginning, and reading all the posts about retrogression and the possibility of having to wait who knows how many years, I feel I will never get to America, & I thought the hardest hurdle would be passing the NCLEX RN exam ha ha PLEASE tell me it will be worth the wait :innerconf
  10. staffnursepenny

    Order School Score Reports

    Hi I am waiting my NCLEX results from CA via mail as I live in England I have just noticed under future appointments-ORDER SCHOOL SCORE REPORTS Does anyone have an idea of what this means? Thanks Penny x:dance:
  11. staffnursepenny

    UK nurse wishes to move to Australia

    Hi I am interested in moving & working in Australia where do I start??? I am 35 & married (not sure if husband's career needed, will he come on my visa?) Any info appreciated Thank you xxxx
  12. staffnursepenny

    How long is the visa preocess

    Hi All I am a UK nurse, what is the next step after passing the NCLEX exam to getting a work visa? And how long does it take? Roughly at the moment!!! Not sure which route to go down-direct application to hospital of through agency? Don't suppose a lawyer would make things quicker All info needed Thanks x
  13. staffnursepenny

    Stopped at 78?

    Sorry no I have to wait ages for the mail from California:bugeyes: Really wish I knew now:specs:
  14. staffnursepenny

    does nclex remember you 2nd time?

    Hi I failed 1st time with 265 questions-near passing level this time computer shut off at around 78 questions, was this a totally new test or does the CAT remember you? Silly question I know! I know it remembers your last questions so doesn't ask you the same questions-but how you did the 1st time has no bearing on further tests right??? Also did anyone pass with 75 questions with no select all that apply qs etc roll on 3 weeks
  15. staffnursepenny

    What are the difficult qs on NCLEX

    Hi Just wondering what are the difficult questions on NCLEX? I except that priority & delegation, select all that apply, calculations etc. BUT are these all the same level of diificulity or are these broken down again in hard harder hardest stages. Does it matter if you are asked only some of the 'harder' questions eg priority but no sata? Does the type of difficult questions signify how well you have done? eg if you get select & drag you are at a higher level than priority? Thanks-can you tell Iam starting to worry!!!:redpinkhe