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  1. They should be force to retire

    I have worked with a few old school nurses who weren't their anymore and they were making BIG nursing mistakes, but they still have the licenses. Now as hard as it to get one do you feel that they should be forced into retirement and stripped of thei...
  2. Mentally ill

    How do you feel about doing patient education with the mentally ill? Do you feel as though that all mental ill patients should have a guardian?
  3. Women and control with a male nurse

    Ok, I may start a little trouble here, but hey.... Do you think woman should be in just as much as trouble as men for harassment? I've gone through this a few times and it seems like a joke, but if it was the other way around
  4. New nurse and big mistakes

    So, I know a few new nurse out there & I think that it would be to read some stories on mistakes that you have made when you first became a nurse.
  5. Patient advantage

    I currently have a patient in my care that's wealth and of course her family is fighting over her money. How does it make you feel when you experiences these encounters?
  6. Enough is enough or is it?

    Do you think that people with extreme mentally delays such as down syndrome should be given a chance to become a nurse? Why or why not?
  7. Employees that smoke

    We just introduced a new policy. Anyone who smokes can not apply for employment. Do you feel that the new smoking ban takes away from the nurse personal life?
  8. Company Violation

    Recently had to fire a employee because they violated the HIPAA practice. Do you feel as though its that serious to abide by that law?
  9. Bridge why or why not?

    Do you think that having a bridge from LPN to BSN a good idea? please explain
  10. Company Violation

    Please delete my account. I thought this was a place to vent I see other wise.
  11. Are my patients at risk?

    As I write this the words seem silly, but the feeling is heavy and its weighing me down badly. I am depressed because of being labeled; "crazy". I put on a big smile & if you saw me you wouldn't even have a clue that I was like this. I don't hav...
  12. Bridge why or why not?

    Thats a big leap their a big difference from what a LPN can and what we as nurse with higher degrees can do. Just my opinion; I dont think its a good idea,but hey.
  13. Employees that smoke

    Now a comment I under much better. These were random ideas and questions I ask my employees upon hire.
  14. Employees that smoke

    Any smart professional would not disclose their identity because you never know who reads all nurse.com. Because I've worked to hard; I'm not going to put myself as risk by sharing my identity with strangers. Now if the threads are boring than I'm pr...
  15. Employees that smoke

    You must enjoy reading my post because you keep commenting with the same comment. once again I have none not in school trying to open up topics to network and get to know other nurses. As a nurse you shouldn't make dumb assumptions. Now if you don'...
  16. Nursing student aganist bullying

    I know a few students who were bulled when I was a administrator for a school that I worked for. Needless to say the school was a little ghetto (putting it lightly). As an adult you try to handle your own problems does anyone want to share any experi...
  17. Nursing union

    How do you go about starting a nursing union? How would you feel about having one that's united?
  18. Nursing student aganist bullying

    I could not enforce grown adults(putting it lightly) to act there age. The school I worked for was all about money so expelling a student was hard. The funny thing was the students were preparing to become nurses. How can you become a nurse when you ...
  19. Bridge why or why not?

    Ha ha ha I'm not just general questions
  20. Plan to go on to RN?

    I started off as a LPN needless to say I still miss it because I mainly do paper work now.
  21. Do LPNs use stethoscopes?

    Yes, they do use stethoscopes. Example to take a manual blood pressure.
  22. History of Bipolar Disorder, can I do this?

    This is my problem how can you be a nurse with a mental illness? (serious question) At some point aren't you scared that something may happen that will arise and you aren't able to control it?