Nursing student aganist bullying


I know a few students who were bulled when I was a administrator for a school that I worked for. Needless to say the school was a little ghetto (putting it lightly). As an adult you try to handle your own problems does anyone want to share any experiences that they have had on this subject?


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I think people are way too quick to pull the bully card when things aren't all sunshine and butterflies or an instructor doesn't hand them a good grade on a platter. I'm not saying that that's what you're doing because I don't know your situation fully. But I can say that for the past almost year I have used this site, and through the countless number of posts on students "being bullied" that almost none of them were actually bullied. They just cant handle the world as it is and think if someone isn't their best friend that they are a bully, or because a nursing instructor made them work to earn their grade, that they were either discriminated against or bullied. Its really irritating.

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I think some examples of this bullying are in order...


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Not in nursing but health field related still.

In my Medical Billing and Coding training, racism and favoritism was rampant. As a result, me and one other girl had a target on our backs by instructors and other students because we minded our own business rather than get involved in the drama. It got pretty bad. We stuck it out and got through it. Unfortunately, we had no higher ups to go to since they always backed the instructors before the students and there was no anonymity. When we filed a complaint, we were retaliated against specifically.

I find that most people do not come out against bullying because they do not want to escalate the issue, nor the possibility of retaliation. Plus, if the administration is not doing anything about the bullying, the options are so limited that you just have to suck it up and take it.


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It is the administrations job to set rules and enforcement. It is the administrations duty to control the learning environment. Anything that happens in the school environment seen and unseen is their responsibility. Swift, bold, and unrelenting enforcement.

All issues should be reported following the chain of command. All follow ups and resolutions should also follow the chain of command.

Rules are necessary because when one party is smaller or weaker than another, using a gun is an alternative.


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I could not enforce grown adults(putting it lightly) to act there age. The school I worked for was all about money so expelling a student was hard. The funny thing was the students were preparing to become nurses. How can you become a nurse when you can't act your age.