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  1. Livetoride

    What classes are you taking? Fall 2016

    Taking stats online. So far, I have 100. I don't know what I am doing but I never done math higher than college prep math before... I also was admitted to an advanced CNA course this morning.
  2. Livetoride

    Passed TEAS (Finally)!!!

    Taking TEAS V in the spring. I love my ATI study guide for it. I rather study it during my school breaks when I don't have classes or homework to commit to. Good luck to all yet to take TEAS!
  3. Livetoride

    What do you do in CNA class?

    My course is 5 hrs, 2x a week in the evening which is nice. Currently, we are doing lecture and lab. In lecture, we go over resident rights, what to expect and how to care for the elderly. In lab, we practice the skills assigned to us like bed making, transfers, showering, etc and the instructor guides us through it. She also prepares us for the state exam. My clinical starts Oct. 21 and will see how that goes. After basic CNA, I can go on to advanced CNA which qualifies people to work in an acute setting in my area.
  4. Livetoride

    Is an associates degree in nursing a waste of time?

    I am pursuing my ADN then bridging to BSN. It is going to be easier on me financially and being as I have 2 children who are very young, I'm not jumping into a Bachelor's off the bat. ADN RNs still find decent jobs and they have an incentive in some organizations to have their BSN schooling funded if the degree is completed by a certain time. You could easily do that working in a physician's office. The BSN RN and the ADN RN all take the same NCLEX at the end.
  5. Livetoride

    What do you guys like to do in your free time?

    Pre-Nursing here. I plan to take up horseback riding again once I enter Nursing school. It is my number one way to relieve stress besides sex of course lol! I'm a mom of 2 kids and in a common law marriage. Growing up competing at shows, it was pretty common to come across a nurse who showed. One lady that stood out was an ED nurse and she competed every weekend with 3 horses. Nice animals she had. Her kids had multiple show ponies too that were pretty nice. I use her as a role model because I want to be able to show again while working as a RN. If I'm not riding, I'm playing video games. Mortal Kombat X has my attention right now.
  6. Livetoride

    Anatomy Help!

    I find quizlet to be especially helpful. My anatomy professor was very fond of using mnemonics to help us understand pathways and combinations of chemicals/parts/etc. Anatomy is more memorization. Physiology is easier to me visually.
  7. Livetoride

    A&P 1 online a good idea or bad

    If it works for you and you are able to handle online classes, go for it.
  8. Livetoride

    Poll: Nurse and law enforcement couples

    My husband is into computer animation, game design, and web design. The nurses I knew dated other nurses for the most part. I have seen a male rn married to a fitness coach and one of my friends is a rn who recently broke up with her military bf.
  9. Livetoride

    What do you want to specialize in? And why?

    I want to specialize in pediatrics and women's health areas. my goal is to become a CNM, so exposure to related areas would be a great help.
  10. Livetoride

    I finally quit smoking!

    Congrats! I've never smoked or even wanted to but I applaud you!
  11. Livetoride

    Fall 2016 Nursing School Applicant Support Group

    Tell us about the school you're applying to. I am applying to my CC's stand alone ADN program. It has one of the highest NCLEX pass rates in the state of Iowa and almost every nurse I run into in my area has started their schooling there. What pre-reqs are you completing? This fall, I am re-taking my Basic CNA. I couldn't complete last year after I found out I was pregnant the week before clinicals. In the spring, I will be taking the last science courses Intro to Chemistry and Intro to Biology plus College Algebra. During late spring early summer, I hope to be enrolled in the 2 week Advanced CNA crash course at my school. I am planning on taking the TEAS V during Spring semester and get on the state registry for CNAs. What's the application deadline? When will you hear if you've been accepted or not? No strict application deadline. It's a stand by list that goes by the date you put in your application. Your initial school enrollment acts as the application. Every semester, I am "applying" to the nursing program at my school and they send out a letter stating I was rejected till I fulfill the requirements. It's an automatic process. Where are you in life right now - high school, college, going back to school? Working? Kids? I am a mother of 2 kids (my oldest is 2, my baby girl is 1 month). Currently, I am employed by a retail grocery chain as a Bakery Clerk while going to school for my ADN. This is my second time in college. My first time was a diploma in Medical Billing and Coding from a for profit. How are you feeling about it all? Excited to be one step closer to my dream. I am a bit angry with my school because they changed the pre-reqs. If they hadn't, I'd just need to take TEAS and CNA. It feels like a struggle but it will be so worth it for me and my children. One day at a time! Are you doing anything to get ready aside from taking courses (such as volunteering or shadowing a nurse)? ​Not in the present moment.
  12. Livetoride

    A&P prior to Micro?

    A&P before Microbiology definitely. I haven't taken Micro yet but I've been told that taking A&P prior is crucial to success in Micro.
  13. Livetoride

    Don’t believe anything they tell you!!!!

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'm ready to get back to school this fall!
  14. Livetoride

    Starting Prereqs finally!!!

    Fantastic! Good luck this semester!
  15. Livetoride

    What job be better while in nursing school?

    If the goal is to be a RN, aim for CNA. Some schools require state certification as a pre-req to nursing school itself. It will be very demanding on the body but I feel as the pros outweigh the cons. I think the cost of the CNA course you are looking at though is pretty excessive.
  16. Livetoride

    Do all nursing schools give the TEAS test?

    Where I live, schools here vary. My school requires the TEAS, one school I want to go to for BSN doesn't require the entrance tests, some of the more rural schools require tests I have never heard of to be honest. Very dependent on the schools themselves.