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  1. What classes are you taking? Fall 2016

    Taking stats online. So far, I have 100. I don't know what I am doing but I never done math higher than college prep math before... I also was admitted to an advanced CNA course this morning.
  2. What classes are you taking? Fall 2016

    In A&P II, our professor encouraged us to do community service related projects for grade school children. She would give us Extra Credit if we done it, but not as a requirement.
  3. What classes are you taking? Fall 2016

    Here's to my LAST semester of pre-requisites! Pre-Reqs left are: Advanced CNA Statistics Core classes I need for my degree that I am taking this semester are: English Composition I Nutrition Here's to all of us having a good semester!
  4. Failed teas on the 1st try with minimal studying!!

    ATI study guide and buying online practice tests from ATI are going to be your best bet. Practice a little bit at a time like some math problems here, some science there.
  5. Anatomy and Physiology Lab without Cadavers (formaldehyde)?

    They don't use all formadelhyde or cadavers. For instance, we used cats in our A&P courses. There was an exception of one instructor who has a health condition and couldn't be exposed to preservatives so in that class, the cats were a bit fresher...
  6. Cutting down expenses and making sacrifices is a huge part of nursing school. Im cutting back to part-time at work and putting money back for nursing school. My husband makes a decent living so there's cushion for bills and other obligations. for exa...
  7. titers

    i was told to be revaccinated. I was immune on two components of MMR and indeterminate on 1. I'm due for the second MMR dose in early Sept.
  8. titers

    I'm 25 and I just had my first MMR dose since childhood. All this cause I was indeterminate in my lab on Rubeola. The other two components or MMR, I was fine. It's been a headache for me.
  9. Medical Assistant or LPN?

    I have heard the job prospects for new MA grads are slim pickings. My cousin-in-law has or had her CMA but could never find employment as a MA. She had her X ray certification with it. She wants to go back for nursing now as a result. If I were you, ...
  10. I didn't get in!!

    That sucks, OP. Sorry about your misfortune. I really do not care for the lottery system myself. I would rather sit on a waiting list. Look to other schools and keep applying. Something will have to give eventually.
  11. Got into BSN program!

    Congrats on your acceptance!
  12. If I were you, just go through a BSN program. I am saying this based on you already have an Associate's in a related health sciences field. If your goal is to be a marketable RN for a hospital position, go for the BSN. It'd be a lot better than going...
  13. Are ASNs worthless?

    It's not worthless to me. I have kids and a full time job. I also was not a good student in high school. For me, it is best to go do my ADN before the BSN. I'm fine with working at my LTC facility as a RN with an Associate's and then move into acute ...
  14. Do your teachers round up grades?

    My chem professor rounded up or down the grades. The other ones, not so much.
  15. Would it be best to be a CNA then an RN?

    Check your program requirements. Most programs in my area want their prospective students to be on the state registry as a CNA prior to admitting. I think it depends on you as a person and your background. If you have zero experience or unsure about ...