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  1. I’m currently nowhere near graduating from even my bsn. I’m only completing my pre reqs. But am thinking of my future. I’m 22 years old and would love to be a nurse midwife after gaining my bsn and having experience as a nurse. I watched a video on YouTube. Though many in the comments say that the video is inaccurate in terms of data. Are midwives still needed in the U.S, are they really on a decrease, and should I consider a different field. I’m interested in women’s health, and feel like this field may be right for me. I’ll have to see in the future as a nurse to be sure, and gain experience before applying. But I want to know if the field is any decrease in terms of staff or salary. And if the speacialty is in a bad state; should I go the FnP route? I live in Kentucky, but want to travel a lot as a nurse. Especially as a midwife in the future. I hope I’m making sense. Any advice or help would be great. Thanks.