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    Navy Nurse Life/Military Nurse

    I’m currently finishing my pre reqs for nursing. I’ve dreamt of being in the navy since I was young. But am becoming unsure. I want to be an ICU nurse. But don’t know if I’ll be able to practice as much as I’d like to since I’ve heard that navy corpsman gets more field of practice than nurses do in the navy. While nurses mostly lead and do management nursing. I wanted to hear of the opportunities that navy nurses have. Do they get to travel. How hard is it to become an icu nurse?
  2. I’m currently nowhere near graduating from even my bsn. I’m only completing my pre reqs. But am thinking of my future. I’m 22 years old and would love to be a nurse midwife after gaining my bsn and having experience as a nurse. I watched a video on YouTube. Though many in the comments say that the video is inaccurate in terms of data. Are midwives still needed in the U.S, are they really on a decrease, and should I consider a different field. I’m interested in women’s health, and feel like this field may be right for me. I’ll have to see in the future as a nurse to be sure, and gain experience before applying. But I want to know if the field is any decrease in terms of staff or salary. And if the speacialty is in a bad state; should I go the FnP route? I live in Kentucky, but want to travel a lot as a nurse. Especially as a midwife in the future. I hope I’m making sense. Any advice or help would be great. Thanks.
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    Survive as Cna in nursing school?

    Currently I am doing my pre reqs to get into nursing school and am wanting to move out of my mother's house, whose currently in nursing school. Shes been an amazing motivation and Im watching my sisters while shes in school and work. I really want experience before i start nursing school, for some background, and to know how to be a good nurse. A lot of people advise not to work while in nursing school, and to stay in school and live with parents. But, ive watched my mom go through lpn school and now through bsn school. I have no kids of my own. And in general, I really want to grow and do something with my life. The rent here is cheap, good apartments around 650. And as a cna id be payed 10/hr. Any advice?
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    Oboro Uof L Nursing Spring 2016

    I'm currently about to graduate high school, and am going to octc to complete pre reqs to get into the U of L nursing program...suuch a long ways. I'm hoping to find tips here. And I wish everyone the best of luck!
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    Navy NCP/High School Senior

    I'm currently a high school senior nearing graduation in may this year, and I plan on going to community college to complete nursing pre reqs before going to nursing school. I'm wanting to know if I should speak to a recruiter now in order to start processing for the nurse candidate program application, or just focus on my pre reqs first. I would also like some advice in actually getting accepted into the program. I really want to be in the navy as a nurse, its been my dream to do so since middle school. THANKS!!
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    Nursing After Navy

    I'm currently a senior in High School, and have been planning to enlist in the Navy. I want to join purely out my heart and for a good way to start my future. I want to be navy corpsman for some medical experience, because I plan on going to school to be a nurse after my four years of enlistment, but I know that getting the corpsman slot is not certain. My problem is this, what's the best way in getting a nursing degree? And what are the differences between ADN and BSN? After my enlistment I really want to get the Associates Degree Rn, due to lack of time in school compared to the BSN path. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks.