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NurseFries has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pain Medicine, Preop/PACU, Home Health, Hospice.

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  1. I have worked HH and documentation is very important just like anywhere else. Sounds like this nurse needs someone to help her manage her time better. Maybe cut down on her caseload? Sorry to hear her case manager is not up to par either. I would exp...
  2. BSN-DNP yes or no?

    I recommend you chose the least expensive and flexible program especially if you want to start having kids during it. I wouldn’t worry about school pedigree. That doesn’t seem to matter in what I have seen. What I have seen in my more than a decade o...
  3. Family Practice - overworked

    Go to your managers boss and express your concerns. If your practice manager (who is probably not clinical) isn't going to support you, then go above her head. Document everything you told you manager and all the issues you see.
  4. Hello, I work at an outpt clinic in a huge medical organization that is VERY understaffed. I work 3 days a week and another nurse works 5 days a week. We are currently looking to hire another part-time nurses like myself and a full-time nurse to tak...
  5. Burned out!

    Hi, I started a new job in March (part-time)in pain medicine at a teaching hospital back in March. I worked in pain medicine and orthopedic ambulatory as a preop/postop nurse for 4 years prior. My new job entails triaging calls, medication PA, preop/...
  6. Hi, I currently work 16 hours a week as a preop/PACU nurse at a surgical center and I am in need of a change. I spoke to a recruiter for a large insurance company who are looking for RN Case Managers for their HMO patients. I have Home Health priva...
  7. Taking my kindness for weakness

    Yeah, it is emotionally exhausting. The nurses I work with are wonderful though but there is no support.
  8. Taking my kindness for weakness

    Hi, I just started working as a new pre-op/PACU nurse part-time at a small pain clinic. The first couple of days were crazy!!! I received about 2 hours of training and told I will learn as I go. I have learned a lot, but I do not receive the support...
  9. 6 month RN job

    That's is exactly what I was thinking. Some of my friends and family members keep telling me to just quit because they think a 6 month job on my resume would not matter. I have a gut feeling it would matter and would help me more than hurt me. I woul...
  10. 6 month RN job

    Hi all, Ok so I recently relocated to a new city and I got a home health private duty job since I have home health experience. The private duty agency I work for specializes in pediatrics. I have come to the conclusion that pediatric home health is...
  11. Tips about getting into this specialty

    Great tips, thanks! :). Unfortunately I did not find a OR class in my area. I am in the same boat as you Rabid. I have an ADN and no hospital will hire me either. I am working towards my BSN online and will hopefully be finished by the end of the yea...
  12. Hi, I just got a job part-time position as a pre-op and recovery nurse at a small pain center. I LOVE IT!!!! My past nursing experience has been mostly home health (visits & private duty) and pediatric/adolescent care in a foster group setti...
  13. Depressed, anxious,

    Thanks, I will try :/
  14. Depressed, anxious,

    Hi, I have posted about my anxiety and depression before on this site. I am taking medication and seeing a counselor but I still wake up crying and anxious every morning. I was offered a great job as a home health hospice nurse with 6 weeks orien...