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Hi, I started a new job in March (part-time)in pain medicine at a teaching hospital back in March. I worked in pain medicine and orthopedic ambulatory as a preop/postop nurse for 4 years prior. My new job entails triaging calls, medication PA, preop/postop, and administering sedation during procedures. I love the preop/intraop sedation/postop, but the triaging is burning me out!!!

The M-F nurse who has been there 8 years hs been out recovering from surgery. Me and another part-time nurse (we work together 1 day a week) have been the only nurse there. We get upto 40-60 calls a day, plus online patient portal messages.

I've been working 1.5-2hrs overtime with no additional pay b/c I'm salary and exempt.

I know the full-time nurse will be back in a couple of weeks, but I'm seriously losing my mind. My manager says "it's really hard to find coverage, I'm trying". We live in a huge metropolitan city. I don't understand why it's so hard.

The pt's calls are burning me out!!! They just don't stop. They call and vent and won't stop talking. As soon I as hang the phone up to write the note, the phone ring again. Constantly!!!

The Fellows don't help as much my patient portals either and the practice is growing.

Ug! Help!

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This sounds really rough, I'm sorry! The volume of calls is outrageous... I deal with telemedicine as well and understand how frustrating it can be. In your situation, this is just too much, and they definitely need to get more help! I'm sorry that you were working overtime with no OT benefits. I find myself doing this too out of dedication to the practice and patients, though everyone tells me this is unacceptable. Looks like it's been a few weeks since your post, how are things going?

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