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I just got a job part-time position as a pre-op and recovery nurse at a small pain center. I LOVE IT!!!!

My past nursing experience has been mostly home health (visits & private duty) and pediatric/adolescent care in a foster group setting.

I have realized that I really like the OR setting since starting my new position. When I was in nursing school I had a clinical observation rotation in the OR and loved it.

Unfortunately I do not have any hospital experience. I would like to work at a same day surgery center because the hours are usually better.

How can I get into this specialty?

Will working as a pre-op and recovery nurse help my chances of becoming a OR nurse?

Are there other avenues I could take to expedite my chances of becoming an OR nurse?

I have finally found my niche in nursing. :)



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I worked on a medical floor for 3 months as a new grad then switched to recovery. I worked in recovery for 9 months until a got an interview at a big teaching hospital that took nurses without OR experience. I think me working in recovery helped me a lot throughout my interview process. I also became charge nurse in recovery, which I think helped also.


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You sound like you are in the position I have been in. Heck I can't even get a hospital to look at me since I don't have BSN yet. I worked in home health for awhile and now do per diem work at a surgery center. I am fortunate that I found they started a community college class for OR nursing which will be my ticket into the OR. Already the OR manager said she would work me in the OR once I complete the program. So my advise would be to try to find a OR class or something like it in your area.

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Great tips, thanks! :). Unfortunately I did not find a OR class in my area. I am in the same boat as you Rabid. I have an ADN and no hospital will hire me either. I am working towards my BSN online and will hopefully be finished by the end of the year. It s so frustrating!


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I think your pre- and post-op experience will definitely help. Any connections you might develop will, too. I'm (sort of) a new grad who got into the OR fellowship at my hospital with no experience and no BSN (just barely squeezed in there before the system-wide hiring freeze on non-BSN nurses, eep!). From what I could tell in the interview and what I could pick up from other people is that the most important thing is to demonstrate that you are a firm believer in your role as the patient advocate and have the critical thinking skills for the OR. Hopefully once you get that BSN, a few more doors will be opened to you, too. Good luck!

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