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  1. ArtieRN

    New Grad jobs/Residency

    @roxiroxmysox last I heard the hiring freeze on ADNs is system-wide, so all departments and all five hospitals. This may have changed recently but as Fairfax is up for renewing magnet status and they want that for the other hospitals, I doubt that's the case. I'm a diploma RN who was hired right before, and at the time our former CNO(?) was very outspoken about her prejudice against 2-year degree nurses. We did have to sign agreements that we'd get our BSN within 3 years of hire, I think it was, and they recently started a tuition grant for anyone starting an RN-to-BSN program after this past July. But again, this is more for the benefit of current employees and I don't think they're hiring anymore ADNs for a while. Sorry for rambling.
  2. ArtieRN

    WHC Nurse Residency July 2014

    I'd love answers to these questions too! Also if any ADN/diploma nurses (whether you are already working on your BSN) we're accepted.
  3. ArtieRN

    Is scrub role still a thing?

    Where I work, the RN fellowship covers a little of scrubbing and a few nurses will get to scrub a little until they are part of full-time staff. The tech-to-nurse ratio, though, makes it so that it's really hard for nurses to scrub unless they have a lot of experience in certain specialties and they need the staffing, e.g. ortho, big joint cases, etc. This is apparently a pretty new thing that developed only a few years ago here when it was almost all nurses. There's also a relatively new policy where ADN/diploma RNs aren't allowed to circulate and are only hired as scrub nurses. I'm one of those, so all I do is scrub. half our staff are two-year degree nurses, but they were grandfathered in because they'd been circulating all this time. It's frustrating not being allowed to practice as a full nurse in the OR, grouped in with the techs (who are awesome, but that's not what I went to school for and took boards for), and being paid less than the BSN nurses that were in my same fellowship cohort, but there are also a lot of nurses here who are jealous of my getting to scrub all the time. From what I hear from travelers who come through here, though, this is an extremely rare and strange circumstance.
  4. Hey, guys. I'm planning to register for A&PII at edukan. Anyone have any experiences with the current profs there? (Just give me initials!) I'm currently taking two classes at UTA for my BSN and working full time in the OR, so I'd love to know if any are slightly better than the others in actually learning things but still being manageable with the workload. Thanks!
  5. ArtieRN

    Looking for A&PII Online Classes

    I considered it and even registered there, but I've found a few other options that are almost a third of the cost of NOVA's out of state tuition. It's a real bummer.
  6. ArtieRN

    New Grad jobs/Residency

    Inova has a systemwide freeze on ADN/diploma nurses recently. They're trying to renew their magnet status, and management generally looks down on ADN nurses. Blech.
  7. ArtieRN

    First OR interview - need advice

    There is a lot of great advice in these message boards. I'm pretty sure it helped me land my OR fellowship, too! Patient advocacy is a key phrase and also being able to handle all kinds of less... savory personality. A little sense of humor and a touch of OCD doesn't hurt either.
  8. ArtieRN

    Nervous about the changing to OR

    Congrats! It's going to be overwhelming at first. And for a couple months after, but enjoy the process and don't be afraid to dive in! Ask lots of questions. The OR is no place for shrinking violets!
  9. I'm new to the OR and came in with six other people in our fellowship. Most of us were new nurses, one was in her 40s and had been in NICU for 12 years. She'd been feeling stagnant and wanted to learn a new specialty. She does really well and is super particular, though sometimes she keeps asking more more more questions. It's not a terrible thing to want to gain more knowledge! Another was a new graduate nurse in her 50s, and I don't think she's going to make it. I think personalitywise, she doesn't get on with most of the staff, and she's decent when she gets to do more repetition in a certain service rather than bouncing around. Other times, she can get really flustered if she makes one mistake or if someone cops attitude with her, nurse or surgeon. I think she'd be a better floor nurse with more patient interaction. (Me, I think I fall somewhere in between the two You have to enjoy the process, listen, pay attention, not be afraid to make mistakes, know how to work as a team as that's most of what you're doing, and learn how to go with the flow. A little OCD and being able to stand up and speak out on behalf of yourself and your patient is really important.
  10. ArtieRN

    UTA RN-BSN online Official Degree Plan from advisor

    It took about three to four weeks for me, but that's because 1) I applied just before winter break and 2) I never actually checked my mav mail where all my nursing school stuff went.
  11. ArtieRN

    some questions about the RN to BSN program

    Have you checked your UTA email? I kept waiting to hear from them through my regular email, but all my nursing info came through my mav email, including my transcript eval. I never checked it after a few failed logins early on and ended up missing the deadline for the classes I wanted to start.
  12. ArtieRN

    Only 8 courses, $9K??

    I'm sure this comment is a bit late, but I wanted to throw in my two cents should it help someone. I have a BA in English and with lots of science classes (I kept dabbling with the idea of applying to med school), finished my prereqs at a community college, and then I got my diploma at the local hospital. The only gen classes I needed as A&PII (my nursing school only required A&PI if you took it at the local CC) and Texas Gov't. I was amazed I didn't have to take Statistics, but I did have a college-level math already (Calculus for Life Sciences—no, I don't know either). I don't know what they took for one of my nursing electives, though, as I don't have any certifications. Maybe my med term or sciences. That takes me up to 10 classes, and with the benefits I get from work and the scholarship I'm applying to? I should be able to cover all my costs. Whew!
  13. Like the header says, I'm looking for an Anatomy & Physiology II class that's purely online. I've tried searching through other posts here but haven't been able to find the info I'm looking for. I'm sure others would appreciate a comprehensive list, too. The diploma program I went through had an agreement with the local community college so I only needed their A&PI to fulfill the pre-reqs at the time. Now I'm working on my BSN and need that second class! I'd really prefer something with online lab, too. (Yes, they do exist.) I've taken tons of bio classes with labs my first go-around in college; I don't think I'd gain much from a hands-on one, plus my housemates would kill me if I stunk up the place with formaldehyde. If you can tell me the school, the length of term, the structure of the class (tests, quizzes, essays, etc), out-of-state cost (NOVA, my local CC still considers me out of state!), how hard/manageable/demanding it was for you, and anything else you'd think is helpful, it'd be so great and appreciated.
  14. ArtieRN

    What can you do AFTER being an OR nurse?

    I've seen people become sales reps and met one nurse who did pre-op interviews over the phone after her knees became too painful to stay in the OR.
  15. ArtieRN

    New Grad offered OR job...thoughts

    Congrats! I know some people who just stick around with friends who are closer to the hospital or, if it's an unusual circumstance that you might not make it right on time, just call the front desk. If nothing else, at least they'll know you'll be a bit late. The people in charge of call said that they'd rather that than just wait for you to waltz in 15 minutes after the fact, looking frazzled. Things happen.