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I just started working as a new pre-op/PACU nurse part-time at a small pain clinic. The first couple of days were crazy!!! I received about 2 hours of training and told I will learn as I go. I have learned a lot, but I do not receive the support I need at times.

The medical assistants are rude and act as if I am bothering them when I ask them a simple question. They do not communicate properly. For example, I asked one of them where an instrument was and she waved her hand and said "over there". What does that mean??? I asked her specifically where and she acts like I am asking her to do my laundry or something.

Then the CRNA is breathing down my neck and keeps bossing me around like she is my employer. She has been rude to me in front of patients and told me to my face that I need to get my "**** together". I have worked there a total of 5 UNCONSECUTIVE days in 1 month. I am doing my best. I told her never to ever speak to me like that and to stop disrespecting me in front of patients. I do not have a problem standing up for myself.

I have spoken to the office manager and both physicians about my concerns. They seem very supportive and said they will talk with the employees causing issues.

I consider myself a gentle, compassionate, and kind nurse. I am respectful with everyone I work with. I have noticed that this "group" of co-workers take kindness for weakness.

I need some advice on how to handle all these issues and gain my respect as a nurse back.

I do not like having to constantly put people in their place. We are a team and we need to help each other out.


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Reading your post made me think that I would find working there to be emotionally exhausting. I would find myself looking for another job.

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Yeah, it is emotionally exhausting. The nurses I work with are wonderful though but there is no support.


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It seems like it's not a unified environment. I saw this happen where my husband works (not healthcare). A very supportive and creative environment where everyone worked together for the betterment of the company, let a couple of people in. Those two people managed to change the entire environment to a toxic, finger pointing, sinking ship. You can try be the vector of change, by being the example and not giving in to the sour attitudes, but it will be hard because you are the new person on board and not in a position that exerts any authority. But, you can try.... until you find something better.

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