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  1. Well we finally started clinical last week. I have to admit I was a bit nervous. Maybe more than a bit. We have to do head to toe assessments and I'm having a hard time remembering every little detail to look for in each system. Does anybody have any tips or helpful advice on how to remember these things? Also would you say it is best if you chart as you go or at the end of the assessment? Thanks,
  2. uwa2012

    Please Help Dosage!!!

    Ok I may in need of some desperate help. I just had my second dosage test and as of right now I have one more chance to make 80% or higher. I studied my tail off for this test and I felt I only missed maybe 2 out of 20. Well aparently I missed more than I thought. I worked all the practice tests and I was getting all the answers right. I have no clue what I am doing wrong. And on top of the dosage test not going my way, I start clinicals next week. I am in need of some confidence because as of right now my confidence level is ZERO!!! All I do is study and I don't feel like its paying off. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  3. uwa2012

    Nursing Clipboard

    Does anybody know of a good place or website where I can find a good nursing clipboard for clinicals??
  4. Ok guys I need some help with a few dosage cal problems. 1. The M.D. orders "Drug F" 225 mg po q6h for an infant weighing 21 pounds. The pediatric handbook states the maximum daily dosage for an infant is 25-50 mg/kg/hr divided by 6h. Is the dosage ordered safe?? 2. The label on a vial of "Drug B" indicates there are 25mg per 1 ml. Calculate the number of ml a child weighing 84 pounds would receive if the adult dose is 125mg. 3. The usual adult dose of "Drug D" is 375mg/day po. Available is "Drug D" 225mg/4ml. How many ml would be safe for a child with a BSA of .9m?
  5. uwa2012

    First Dosage Critical

    Ok so in 2weeks we have a first dosage calculation critical. We have to make an 80% and we get 2 chances to pass. I was wondering if any of you have any advice or what all was on your first dosage test. I'm going to study my butt off!!!
  6. uwa2012

    What is CRNA school like??

    I am right now in the process of getting my ADN degree and then I will get my BSN. My goal and dream is to be a CRNA. My father in-law is a CRNA and assistant chief of anethesia at a local hospital. I have shadowed him once and loved it. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what CRNA school is like? 1. Is CRNA school like nursing where you have to make a "B" average to pass? 2. Is gross antomy ridiculiously hard? 3. Is it too hard to be married possibly have a child and be in CRNA school? 4. Do people ever fail out of CRNA school? 5. Any other helpful info.
  7. uwa2012


    Just wondering if there are any male NPs out there?
  8. uwa2012

    UWA Nursing School

    Are there any nursing graduates that are from the University of West Alabama?