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    Impressions of board review courses?

    Wanted to get opinions on board review courses (APEX, Valley, Core Concepts, etc.?) I tried doing a quick search and wasn't able to find much recent info. Any opinions/suggestions welcome!
  2. renardeau

    How are you going to spend your Thanksgiving break?

    Two papers for Spanish and French, finishing data collection and analysis for a psych project (read: another paper), and studying for finals in two separate psych classes as well as A&P I. Thanksgiving break isn't ever really a break haha. Although... the food is a plus :)
  3. renardeau

    So frustrated and sad..

    Wait, really? Schools will dump out your application for not having As in A&P?? I'm a current undergrad at Johns Hopkins and embarrassingly, we don't offer A&P I or II currently (no lab space/staff willing to teach it) so I have to commute to another university to take it and the commute is hard/I can't go to open labs like all the other students can because my classes at Hopkins are on a different schedule. Currently, I have an 85 at Towson University's A&P I class (but the professor assures me that if I work, I can get an A, especially because there is usually an upward trend in the last third of the course.) It's really troubling to hear the schools won't consider you if you don't have this grade, but will they take outside circumstances into account? I'm also graduating a year early with a double-major (I'm really piling on the classes while my parents are still willing to pay for them... it's kind of a predicament. There's much I want to learn... but not enough time/money AND I still need to get the grades for a BSN program.)
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    how does the grading system work at your college?

    My current undergrad college (non-nursing) does it by this scale: A+ Excellent 4.0 A Excellent 4.0 A– Excellent 3.7 B+ Good 3.3 B Good 3.0 B– Good 2.7 C+ Satisfactory 2.3 C Satisfactory 2.0 C– Satisfactory 1.7 D+ Passing 1.3 D Passing 1.0 F Failure 0.0 I'm not sure what our nursing school does though... I should ask someone.
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    Competative GPA

    I currently have a 3.2 at Johns Hopkins University (I was kind of lost freshman year...) but that should be up to a 3.4-3.5 by the end of this semester (hopefully a 3.5-3.6 by the time I apply next fall)---I don't suppose accelerated BSN programs are very forgiving in terms of the academic environment at this school? Teachers are stingy about giving out As here, and I'm competing with a lot of crazy pre-meds
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    At what age did you decide on nursing?

    I'm 19... I'm graduating early (hopefully spring 2012) and applying to a second-degree accelerated BSN program.
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    Starting pre-req this summer

    I'm starting my pre-reqs this summer too :) I'm a current undergrad (just got done with freshman year at JHU) so I've been in school for pretty much as long as I can remember but I think I finally have some direction about what I want to do with my life now haha. I'll be taking a nutrition course through a local community college this June. It's an online course and I don't think I've ever taken those before, so we'll see how it goes. Next summer, I'll be taking A&P I and the summer after that A&P II and microbiology. I think I also have to take some other courses like orgo, but luckily, most are courses that Hopkins offers. It's going to do awful things to my GPA though...