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  1. I need some tips on how to pass anatomy and physiology. I can't seem to understand the material being covered. Also, can someone please give me tips on how to remember Patient's Bill of Rights?? I can't seem to remember any of those because there are a lot and they come with descriptions! LOL! Anyways, I am in my third week of nursing school and so far it is going really well. My first foundations of nursing and A & P tests are next Monday and Tuesday. I need to get off this website and get back to studying.
  2. AHinch1988

    Starting nursing school next Monday!

    I am so excited that nursing school starts for me in six days! I do not want to wait anymore! I also have orientation this Friday from 1:00-3:00pm. Just one question: why is my school's orientation being held three days before school starts because I know that most nursing schools do their orientations almost two months before school starts. And what exactly do you do at orientation? I only know that we have the nursing department review our physical examination papers and we get our textbooks, uniforms, etc. But what else happens at orientation?? I want to start school now! LOL! Is anyone else starting school next week or in a few weeks?
  3. AHinch1988

    Anyone going part time?

    I start school on July 27th with my mom and our school schedule is Monday's and Tuesday's from 4:00pm-10:00pm for lecture, labs, etc. and Saturday's from 6:30am-3:30pm for clinicals. Our program is supposed to take a year and eight months, but we know its going to go by fast. After we both pass our NCLEX-PN exam, my mom plans on staying an LVN and I plan on doing an LVN to RN bridge program and I can't wait!
  4. AHinch1988

    Mom wants to work in Labor & Delivery

    Today I was asking my mom what specialty she wants to do in nursing, and she said she wants to do labor and delivery. But when she is an LVN, can LVN's work in the labor and delivery department in hospitals in Southern California? Does she have to be an RN to do labor and delivery? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  5. AHinch1988

    Healthy food for nursing school

    Hello everybody, I have been checking all of the boards on this site, and I have not found one post that goes into the types of food you should be eating or food that is recommended while in nursing school. I was told while I'm in my LVN program, to stay healthy, eat healthy, and to get a lot of exercise. Well I already exercise daily, its eating healthy that I'm having the problem with, lol. I weigh 104 pounds, but I feel that I really shouldn't be at that weight since I never really eat healthy anyways. I just need to start eating healthier. If anyone on here can recommend a few healthy foods that I should bring to nursing school, I would really appreciate it. What types of food should I be eating before and during school? Before studying for tests? During tests? Doing homework?
  6. Before nursing school starts for me, these are the items I plan on buying: Desk calendar for when I'm at home and need to find out what assignments, projects, etc. are due and what to study for. A planner to keep with me while I'm at school or work, or just out. I would use it for the same reasons I would with the desk calendar. A good rolling backpack to keep all of my heavy books in and so I don't break my back. A new pair of white, comfortable shoes. Lots of different color highlighters. Lots of black and red pens even though I already have a lot. They somehow go missing, lol. Lots of pencils. Maybe post-it notes. Calculator I'm not sure if I should get a 3 ring binder and put tons of lined paper in it for notes or if I should just get a lot of five subject notebooks. Pocket notebooks for clinicals and notes on the go so I won't have to keep looking through my textbooks. Someone recommended this to me and its alcohol wipes to clean your shoes, just not the bottoms of the shoes. A good hand lotion that won't dry my hands out! LOL! A lunchbox that will keep my food warm and cold. A water bottle with an ice pack that keeps your water cool for up to six hours since it is almost summer time. (I know I saw a few at the grocery store, lol.) Maybe a recorder if I'm allowed to tape lectures during class because I have bad hearing and won't hear everything my instructors are saying. Can anyone recommend a good recorder for school that you can plug earphones into and listen to? Travel size hand sanitizer. A good NCLEX-PN study guide. Can someone please recommend one. A new stapler since someone took it, lol. That's it. I can't think of anything else. What a long list, lol. I hope I didn't forget anything. Now all I have to do is convince my boss at work to give me a set schedule with no more than 25 hours a week. I also want to come up with a grocery list that I can stick to every week without changing it so I can bring a lunch to school and not eat out everyday. I should start a thread about grocery lists for nursing school or healthy foods to buy for school. Well I'm done with this message, lol.
  7. AHinch1988

    How hard is the Hesi admission assessment test?

    As long as you know math, you should be fine. When I was searching around for LVN schools in Southern CA (San Bernardino County), I went to West Coast University and took the HESI to get into their LVN program. Unfortunately, I did not pass it because of my math and I also have a learning disability, so math seems to be my toughest subject no matter how much I study for it. But I found another school that only required me to take their entrance exam for their school and doesn't require taking the HESI to get accepted. This might only be for LVN programs though. I'm not sure why the school didn't require the HESI before getting accepted, but since I was accepted into the school, I was told I will be taking a HESI test along with the other students in my class at the end of each term, lol. So I need to study for math.
  8. AHinch1988

    Lvn Vs. Medical Assistant Help please

    If you want to be a nurse, you should take the LVN route instead of the MA route. I'm starting school in July for LVN, but I decided to do an MA program at a vocational school...in my opinion, it is not a good program for you if you want to be a nurse unless you just want experience in the medical field. MA programs only teach you stuff that you need to know to work in a doctors office and my MA school requires a four week externship at the end of the program. If you take MA then LVN, it would probably be a waste of time (it was for me) because you will learn everything from MA in LVN, plus MORE, and that includes nursing skills. In MA, you are limited to working in only doctors offices and maybe even clinics, and in LVN, you learn more, do clinicals every week once they start (more experience than externships provide) and you can work in hospitals, doctors offices, wherever, lol. Personally, I think you would be happier taking the LVN route instead of MA, then LVN. If I would have known that MA wasn't required for LVN, I would have gone straight to LVN. But now I have to wait until I'm done with classes, do my four week externship, and I should be finished by June 15th, lol. Make the choice that is right for you.
  9. AHinch1988

    Should I buy an NCLEX-RN practice book?

    I am not a student doing LVN-RN bridge program, but I was at the library a few days ago and found an NCLEX-RN book that I thought was really helpful. It was NCLEX-RN Made Incredibly Easy Questions & Answers (forgot the name of the author). It reviews all the different body systems and different types of nursing specialties and at the end of every chapter, it has questions and answers to review. I thought the book was very helpful and I was just looking through it. I plan on buying NCLEX-PN Made Incredibly Easy Questions & Answers because I think it would help me a lot once I start LVN school in July. I hope this helps.
  10. I don't start LVN school until July 27th and I wish that time was here now!! I'm too excited and I want to start now! LOL!
  11. AHinch1988

    West Coast University

    I was thinking about attending West Coast Univesity for the ADN program once I am done with LVN school. I haven't even started LVN school yet... at least not until July, lol. I am very excited that my dream of becoming a nurse is finally coming true! So good luck with whatever you decide to do lildiptalia.
  12. AHinch1988

    are you taking practice NCLEX tests right now?

    Before school starts for me on July 27th, I plan on buying NCLEX-PN Made Incredibly Easy with Questions & Answers. The practice tests should work well for me. A few days ago, I was going through NCLEX-RN Made Incredibly Easy with Questions & Answers, and surprisingly, I got most of the answers from the practice tests right, lol. So I will give NCLEX-PN a try, at least until I get my other NCLEX book in July. It may not be for everyone, but it works for me, so try it.
  13. Hello everyone! Just a quick question: did anyone go to school for medical assisting before attending school for LVN? I'm still in school for medical assisting and I will be finished on June 15th. Then I have LVN school to look forward to starting July 27th. But for medical assisting, I absolutely hate it. I thought it would be fun to come to school, become an MA and get some experience in the medical field before nursing. But I really cannot stand the school I am going to. In the beginning, it was great and I was doing fine. But now that I am almost finshed, I am bored out of my mind and not doing too well now. And I go to American Career College in Ontario, CA. (hate it). If I would have known before that medical assisting wasn't required for LVN, then I would have gone straight to LVN without doing medical assisting first. I want out of this school! :angryfire
  14. Hello everyone. I have a question about LPN-BSN programs. I have read online on some websites that LPN-BSN programs offer you an Associates Degree in Nursing (RN) and your Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN), but can most programs only be taken online. Are there any schools that anyone knows of that offer an LPN-BSN program in Southern California where you can take classes at a campus?? If completing classes at a campus is not an option for most schools, how hard is taking the program online and how exactly does it work? If someone can please answer these questions, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  15. AHinch1988

    LVN textbooks

    Hello everybody! How is everyone doing today? I hope everyones day is going well. I haven't started nursing school yet, but I do start on July 29th and I was going through the list of textbooks that I will be getting at orientation and its a lot. I was just wondering if anyone has these same books for their schools or if they are good ones. I will put the title of the book and the publisher. Here is the list: Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts- text (Lippincott) Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts- guide (Lippincott) Memmler's The Human Body in Health & Disease-text (Lippincott) Memmler's The Human Body in Health & Disease-gide (Lippincott) Medical Terminology for Health Professionals (Lippincott) Lippincott Comprehensive NCLEX PN (Lippincott) Henke's Med Math (Lippincott) Lab Notes-Guideto Diagnostic Test (FA Davis) Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (FA Davis) Davis' Drug Guide for Nurses (FA Davis) Gerontological Nursing (Lippincott) Nursing Care Plans (Mosby) Introductory Medical-Surgical Nursing-text (Lippincott) Introductory Medical Surgical Nursing-guide (Lippincott) Introductory Clinical Pharmacology-text (Lippincott) Introductory Clinical Pharmacology-guide (Lippincott) Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice (Lippincott) Introductory Maternity & Pediatric Nursing (Lippincott) Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (Lippincott) Community Nursing (Anderson) Leadership & Management Functions in Nursing (Lippincott) Its A LOT of books, so I just want to make sure these are good books. If not, there's nothing I can do about it anyways, lol.
  16. Hey everyone! I'm starting a part time LVN program on July 27th and I am very excited! I wish July was here now. I noticed some of the other posters on here don't like that their scrubs are going to be white... well you are not alone! LOL! I found out from my school that during class, we wear royal blue scrubs and during clinicals we will be wearing white scrubs! I hope the white scrubs are not see through, I would hate that. And everyone is also posting their schedules, so I will post mine too. And mine is not that bad. Mondays & Tuesdays (lecture, lab, etc.)- 4:00pm-10:00pm Saturdays (clinicals)-6:30am-3:30pm