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I don't start school for LVN until July 27th, but right now I am in a medical assisting program that I'm supposed to finish in June. In MA, we do injections. My problem: anxiety. I have been attending MA school since last October and I have anxiety attacks right before giving injections and I have no idea why. My lab instructors tell me I shouldn't be having anxiety and that I shake when I'm about to give injections and they even said I drink too much caffeine. I do not drink coffee in the morning at all before school. I was thinking I should go to my primary care doctor and ask him to prescribe medicine to control my anxiety? Is this a good idea or bad idea?? I don't want to start school in July and still be having anxiety attacks right before giving injections. I have tried to control my anxiety on my own, but its just not working. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks! :up:

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well, your instructors arent particularly professional, nor helpful.......what is, is......practice and experience are the cures here........try repeatedly injecting an orange or whatever.....over and over again......i know this isnt the same as a person.....but you get the experience of the motion and the somewhat, the resistance to expect...... and take EVERY oportunity to do it on the job/training site......dont know that a doc would give you anything for this.....how are you going to know when to take, and on the job as a nurse, i would think this would/might be frowned upon...... good luck

What does she expect as a new experience. She should be more supportive. I felt the same way the first time I had to draw blood on a patient, but you know what, I got over it. Practice, practice, practice. You will be fine.


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I was a Medical Assistant before I started nursing school. Have you gone through your externship yet? Experience at it does help. I was also fortunate that my MA instructor was amazing at making us get a HUGE amount of practice at injections. My rule of clinicals at this point is - fake it! I know some people are going to freak - but once you know the skill and you have to practice it on patients - just fake it. Act like you've been doing it your entire life - you may freak out once you get home but your patient never knows and it's over. Also - breathe! Before you go into the process of giving an injection - take a deep breath outside the room - blow it out and go in with a smile. You'd be surprised how much one lovely deep breath can do for you.

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I just want to echo everyone else here when they tell you that practice is key. It really is. Repetition will help you to become familiar with the equipment and the motion... soon you'll be doing so many you won't have time to have your hands shake. Truly. Practice will make perfect.

Continued luck and success!

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