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  1. dolly123

    Walden University has new FNP and AGNP Programs

    How may I join the Facebook group? It appears to be by invitation only!
  2. I have been researching FNP schools for a while now, and it seems most move in cohorts....nothing wrong with that but I just like to study independently. Has anyone ever come across a self paced program, preferably with a rolling admissions policy? I did my BSN from WGU, but unfortunately their MSN offerings dont include an FNP program. I had a great experience with that school and got done at my pace and my work commitments. I have about 5 years RN experience in ICU and ICU step down and was a physician overweas for >10 years so I am not short on basic experience...I just want to get started and get done!! I would really appreciate any information on self paced programs that anyone can share, Thanks !
  3. dolly123

    Online Physical Assessment Course

    I am looking for something very similar...did you have any luck finding a course? I am also looking for an online stats course...would appreciate it if you could share any insight :) thx
  4. I have applied to Frontier and the only things missing are a stats and PA course transcript...can anyone share their approaches on the best,least expensive and most failsafe route for doing this? I understand Frontiers course are little bit on the pricey side...how is EC's stats course? Also are there any PA courses available online? or are they only in class... Thanks!!
  5. Has anyone ever gone the "portfolio route" in applying for frontier...what was your experience? Just wondering because thats been my route, and am waiting to hear back
  6. Hi, I know there are lots of frontier nursing threads here, but i was wondering if anyone could tell me the typical turnover time to get an answer back from frontier for the msnfp program? have applied a couple weeks ago and still waiting with fingers and toes firmly crossed several times over, and knuckles white with tension :confused::confused:
  7. Hello! I am in the process of researching FNP programs that would work for me, and juggling between my list of desirables, and factoring in my limitations. I am currently in a BSN program that will hopefully wrap up next year..my wish list includes: 1. Decent pr credit hour cost (~300-400)..i could venture a bit higher if i got 2,3 and 4 2.School sets up preceptors in my local area ( i know i know..but hey, this is a wish list!!) 3.No GRE requirement 4.All didactic portion completely online and minimal on campus reqs I am in OH, about a 3 hour drive from frontier, and am hearing great things about this school: my question is can any frontier student or grad please give a ball park figure of how much it cost ? both for the MSN or the ADN-MSN options..ADN would include the brigde option obviously..I am early in a BSN program and am still weighing the cost options..i have no debt right now and want to do whatever to keep it that way ..:) Also how much help do they give in setting up clinicals? I currently work in a step down unit ( nearly one year after graduation) and deal with a lot of acute cases, but we have a policy of NOT allowing to be percepted where we work... dont ask me why.. I hope someone responds..I really need to know!!
  8. if it helps any i endorse LPNBearColumbus's point of view. i am an RN , from excelsiors program, and just got hired in a telemetry unit. I had no lpn experience as such, but plenty of overseas nursing experience. so what they want when they hire you is a--> your OH RN b--> nursing experience; if its unit specific , the better it is for you.
  9. dolly123

    Nursing jobs for new grads

    Hi, I just successfully completed my last set of clinical exams and am now ADN although I dont graduate till July 17th. Desperately looking for a job ( part time is good too) in the Cincinnati area. Not technically a 'new' grad since I was a physician overseas , and have a decent 10 years under my belt working in Internal medicine. Have also completed a phlebotomy certification with a 100 hour internship at Bethesda North. Any pointers on where i should start the job search? Any absolutely any insight will be very highly appreciated..email me please universaleternalchaos@gmail.com
  10. dolly123

    13 and pregnant....

    i just looked up hunching and did not know there was such a thing as an urban dictionary. However doesn't mean i dont discuss it with my kids, sp my daughter (17)...i am 40 and way back when i was that age my parents also were very very open about it, i think it really helps, i know my daughter and i are closer for talking about it. If you have kids EVERYTHING about them is yr responsibility....please dont have kids for other ppl or the state to bring them up...what good is suing anyone after yr child is pregnant, the stupidity of these people never ceases to amaze!
  11. dolly123

    HELP First time working with Nurse Extern

    The best thing to do is to develop a checklist of skills that you need to review and then work your way down with them..if she/he knows it then ask her/him to do it, if not then teach or demonstrate. this way you can have a measurable evaluating tool as i can imagine you will have to do some sort of eval of the extern at the end...it gves u something to focus on, then just a random 'patient care' catch all...where is the externship(department/hospital?)
  12. dolly123

    Jobs for new MD- RN grad?

    hi, I just finished my ADN from Excelsior, and was wondering how easy or hard it is to get a new grad training position in the Mason/cincinnati OH area? Although a new nursing grad in my previous life i was a physician and have about 10 yrs of experience in Internal Medicine ..still have to sit for the NCLEX but am ready for it and am wondering how to go about things..would appreciate any advice from you all! Thanks!
  13. dolly123

    Interviw prep for new nurses ?

    thanks Schroedie! This is good insight as I am 'compiling' my resume this weekend.
  14. dolly123

    Interviw prep for new nurses ?

    Hi, I am hoping to graduate in June/July of this year I was wondering how I should prepare for job interviews and if any one has insight that is hospital specific for hospitals in and around Cincy that they could share, it would be so helpful to me and a whole lot of other nurses too. What are the best places to apply for Med-Surg in the Cincy - West Chester area? Thanks in anticipation!!
  15. dolly123

    Used Nursing To Start My Business

    I dont know if I have the nerve to be doing something like this. But I always am grateful to people who offer to do nerve wracking work like this. I don't know many families who would be up to the task of cleaning up the forensic remains of a loved one from their walls and floors . I say this because my uncle was murdered in a robbery/ break-in two years ago and I have not been able to get the sight of the scene out of my mind. I was in there only 10 minutes, and I still have nightmares about it. I cannot even fathom cleaning it up. If you are making good money doing this, I am happy for you, you truly deserve it for the pain you spare others. God bless you.
  16. dolly123

    STNA certification from North Carolina

    Hi, A friend of mine has just relocated from NC . She is a certified STNA there and was wondering if her license there might be good enough to work here in Cincy...or does she need anything else in order to work in OH ? where should she ask? thanks!