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I am hoping to graduate in June/July of this year I was wondering how I should prepare for job interviews and if any one has insight that is hospital specific for hospitals in and around Cincy that they could share, it would be so helpful to me and a whole lot of other nurses too. What are the best places to apply for Med-Surg in the Cincy - West Chester area?

Thanks in anticipation!!


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The new West Chester Medical Center is about to open very soon... there's also Mercy Fairfield or Bethesda North (in Montgomery). Never worked at any of these but theyre fairly close to west chester.

Interview tips: Be able to explain why you went into nursing, good and or bad nursing experiences, strengths/weakness, what your nsg instructors/peers would say about your skill as a nurse, what you 5-yr outlook is (where do you see yourself), how have you advocated for a pt you've taken care of, etc.

I work at University but in the MICU- I love it! Good luck~

Also search this Ohio forum for previous posts on Cincinnati hospitals and recommendations


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i work at childrens and both of my interview there i was asked why i wanted to work at children's. i imagine with the increased competition for jobs now, employers are really going to know why you want to work for them so bad.

not sure if you are interested in peds, but do NOT answer that question with "because i like kids" thats possibly the worst answer you could give. say anything but that. consider what is special about the hospital you are applying for (are they magnet? are they applying to be magnet?) things like that are always good to consider because employers want to know that you want to work for them and not that you are just looking for a job anywhere you can find one.

also, i would take a portfolio of your educational experiences with you. interviewers have been very impressed when i handed them a binder with concrete examples of my learning experiences (papers, projects/project summaries, clinical packets, clinical evals from instructors). its just one more way to make your case for why they should hire you and why you are better for the job than everyone else - and its verification of what you are saying about yourself. plus, its just really professional.


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thanks Schroedie!

This is good insight as I am 'compiling' my resume this weekend.

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