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  1. perkizme

    University of Cincinnati Interview

    you're in~ I got a little nervous last year too when I saw that - but I'm pretty sure you're in (you can always contact the PD for the official - it's probably a formality like you said)
  2. perkizme

    University of Cincinnati Interview

    The typical pre-SRNA (or RNSA if you're @ UC) advice is to enjoy your family/friends, relax, save up/work extra OT, take the best vacation you can afford, if you can- you can try to take some grad courses ahead of time, and if you want to review anything maybe the nervous system and basic chem/physics. They will teach you everything you need to know so now may be a good time to read non-school books if you're a reader- little time for that once school starts. Saving up $$ to try to take a little extra time off work before school is good stuff too! If you're moving here, it depends on how much you want to dish out for rent- theyre are really nice and really not-so-nice neighborhoods near UC. Out of my classmates who have moved here, 2 live w/i walking distance of UC (Clifton- some parts can be scary IMO), a few live in Northern KY (about 10-15m away), others are about 5-15 min away in nicer areas (hyde park and oakley). The rest of us are in the suburbs (20-25m away) and 2 commute about 1.5-2hrs each way (i do not recommend this at all if you can help it). UC's pretty central to Cincinnati and so are the majority of your clinical sites - you can easily access it from I-71 or I-75, so you can pretty much live just about anywhere here. you can always PM me w/questions~ Kel
  3. perkizme

    University of Cincinnati Interview

  4. perkizme

    University of Cincinnati Interview

    Congratz! I do enjoy the program ~ its hard (as all anesthesia programs should be) but I know its all worth it and I know we truly do have one of the best programs (i think and so I've heard). Good luck~
  5. perkizme

    University of Cincinnati Interview

    I got my interview invite by email, Oct 24 of last year so look for them within the next week if you havent gotten one already. If you hit November without an invite (probably by email) then...sorry~
  6. perkizme

    SRNA with ARNP or other MSN?

    I went to Xavier Univ's accelerated MSN (2yrs) program in Cincinnati, worked 2 yrs now in Univ of Cincinnati's CRNA program. I have had to take out loans for both (cover whatever scholarships didnt and living expenses). It is worth it!
  7. perkizme

    SRNA with ARNP or other MSN?

    i'm a first-year and i have an msn already- generalist degree accelerated nursing program for individuals with bachelors (non-nursing) that wanted to get into nursing... I'm not an advanced practitioner or specialist. helps though to have some of the masters core courses out of the way now
  8. perkizme

    CRNA interview

    best thing you can do is actually search this site for interiew tips- if you type "CRNA interview tips" in the search box it will take you straight to threads that people have commented on for years with interview experiences and types of questions. you may even find some specific to your school/program.
  9. perkizme

    Work Safety for CRNA'a

    I am a first year student and dont know it all yet (by far) but with many places in the hospital there may be radiation used during cases, in which case you would use the appropriate lead shields (unless pregnant or some other reason- you would leave the room if there was another anesthetist who could relieve you). I believe most gases are contained within machines and discarded appropriately- there are inherent risks which is why you spend alot of time learning how to properly operate machines and deal with various gases, hazardous materials. If there were always dangerous substances just floating around in the OR, you wouldnt have enough healthy surgeons, anesthesia, OR nurses, staff etc to actually do any procedures- jmho
  10. perkizme

    CNRA programs and long-distance clinicals??

    Also, Univ. of Cincinnati- all clinical sites are within 20 min of school and most within 5min of the school (most hospitals are centrally located within the city of Cincinnati). We have many people in our class with families and children on the way. great program as well...
  11. perkizme

    Interview tips...please help!!

    Interview basics: Prepare to explain... - why you want to be CRNA - your typical patient or day in ICU - what do you know about the profession/specialty (anesthesia) - CCRN-type, critical care clinical questions (i.e., ACLS, drugs, vents, pathophys) - shadowing experience - general "tell me about yourself" type questions - why you think you would be a good fit for their college/program - why should they choose you over next candidate - experience with extra-curriculars, volunteering, etc. Get plenty of rest, eat breakfast, go prepared (not a bad idea to take a small portfolio with extra copies of resume, application docs, etc.), dress professionally, arrive early, take a list of ?s with you that you would like to ask them about the program (i.e., class size, clinical sites, etc.). Hope this helps- sorry I don't know anything specific to your school, this pretty much sums up my experience and what I researched and found when I was in your shoes a year ago. Good Luck~
  12. perkizme

    Job for experienced RN?

    I'm at Univ Hosp in Cincy and I believe they're hiring in many units/floors because we're losing staff to school, travel nsg, families, etc. Earlier this year I think we froze hiring of new grads or at least unlicensed new grads, esp in to the ICUs, unless they had completed some sort of internship. That may have been lifted by now as I sat in on an interview with a new grad for our unit yesterday. Exp RNs should have a better chance because they are cheaper to train and get to work quicker than the orientation of a new grad. Healthcare suffers in this economy just as much as any other industry, unfortunately, IMO. good luck to you all~
  13. perkizme

    One to one assignments

    Agree with above for our hospital it depends on the patient, your judgment and if staffing allows. We are a level 1 in big inner city and therefore get very sick pts. Not unusual for our 24-bed unit to have 3-6 CRRT going at once- well we certainly never have 16 nurses on board to make them all 1:1. Most smaller and community hospitals that I've heard of having the ability to do more one on one usu do so with CRRT, IABP, VADs, fresh open hearts. We are used to having a pt on 6 gtt, vent, crrt and another stable pt. [not that its the best, safest scenario] but we're used to it and have good teamwork. if staffing allows (census or acuity low enough) we will try to make our coding, sicker crrts, s/p arrests, etc. 1:1. we were recently able to make an incredibly sick H1N1 pt 1:1 (as recommended by infection control)
  14. perkizme

    What are my chances?

    Sounds like you're already pretty competitive - as long as you have ACLS I would think you would be just fine getting in the programs that except NICU. I believe there is a NICU RN starting with me in a month. All of your stats are amazing so I dont see you having any problems - just make sure you stand out in your interview or personal essay/statements (only because there will probably be others with similar stats - and you've got to stand out above the rest- personality wise as well). good luck!
  15. perkizme

    So. do i get in or no?

    If you retook the classes that you didnt do so well in and proved yourself in that class, you should be ok. They should be impressed with the straight As in the more recent courses - do great on the GRE and/or take some graduate level courses and you're golden. (and of course finish all your other application requirements!) good luck
  16. perkizme

    Anyone have a helpful link for modes of ventilation?