Looking for a Stats and PA course for frontier


I have applied to Frontier and the only things missing are a stats and PA course transcript...can anyone share their approaches on the best,least expensive and most failsafe route for doing this?

I understand Frontiers course are little bit on the pricey side...how is EC's stats course?

Also are there any PA courses available online? or are they only in class...


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Frontier's may be expensive (and I don't know the actual price) but, taking their courses will give you a heads up on the online learning system that they use and how to navigate around it. It will certainly make you more comfortable once you start your regular classes there. I don't know which class you applied to, but the next stats and physical assessment class starts in winter term, January 10. I have no experience with EC, but a girl I know at frontier did take their stats class for her admission requirement. Good luck!


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Thanks Happy nurse:)

Frontiers courses are expensive...i am hoping to get started in May 2011..not sure yet but their first quarter had PA and the next one has stats...i was hoping to get all done before /may and am wondering if this will set me back on my start date, ie doing both via frontier.

I have a friend who also did her stats via EC ( and i am an EC grad myself) but she does not recommend it ..said it was tough.

have you (or any one reading this) done it from UofU and if so is it recognized by frontier, and how was the experience?

have written to frontier re this course but have not heard back from them...what is their typical response time?

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Hmmm. Pa and stats are both offered in winter term (starting Jan 10th) but registration has passed for that term. Just call the office and ask about the stats class you are interested in and if it will transfer. The office is open tomorrow, but closed thurs and fri this week.

Have you already applied? If not, apply asap. They get loads of applications. Good luck!!! Wish inhad better answers.