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  1. Hi, I am hoping you all can help me with some information gathering and perspectives on the forum. I am a US citizen and US educated FNP wanting to move to Canada. I have been an FNP for almost two years now. What is the process for becoming registered as an FNP in canada and the job prospects in the toronto/ontario area. Please guide and advise! Thanks!!
  2. dxbtocvg

    Nurse Practitioners in Canada

    Hello! I am looking for more information regarding the FNP role in the Canadian healthcare setting. I am currently a US citizen but interested in moving to Canada as I have plenty of family there but none here. I have my BSN, MSN and working towards becoming a diabetic educator in the next few months. I will complete 2 years in the FNP role this December. My nursing experience is in the ICU step down area (5 years). My questions, if some one would be kind enough to answer them: 1. What would be a good area to move to ? I have saved up a bit so would like to move where I can make some real estate investments ( rentals etc) and also work in a family practice setting 2. What is the licensing process like and what is a reliable source of information for the application process 3. How much do FNPs make and what is the variation between provinces? 4. How hard is it to find jobs in big city areas like Toronto? I am a single mom and somewhat worried about being in a rural area in a new country, but am prepared to do what it takes. 5. Do all NPs have physician collaborators or is there any autonomy in practice any where? 6. What are other options for NPs as far as work settings are concerned? I think thats quite enough Qs for now...hopefully some one will respond!
  3. Hi everybody ! I have just started the process of getting my license in Texas I hold an Ohio RN license ..I have applied and paid the licensing fee and submitted my application online I was wondering since I am a non Texas resident, where do I go for the fingerprinting and how do I get the fingerprint card? thx
  4. dxbtocvg

    Moving from OH to TX...NP licensure and other requirements?

    Thanks !!
  5. Hi, I am graduating from my Ohio FNP program in December,but my husband has already had to move to TX for employment purposes. what is the best and quickest route to get my license once I graduate? Get a TX RN by endorsement (i dont think they are compact states, but will check)now while I have time to process it and then apply for NP in TX, OR Get my Ohio NP license after I graduate and then apply for endorsement of my NP license in TX, and maintain NP licenses of both states Does it even work like that? Also does what all does an NP need to have (DEA# etc) in order to practice in TX? Anyone who has gone through with this please advise... Super Excited to have come this far, but right now super confused too!!! thx !
  6. dxbtocvg

    St Joseph College of Maine Reviews

    I have been following all the SJ posts for a while now as I wrap up my BSN (hopefully in May), and be eligible for the July review. I understand that some of the poster here have been in the program for almost an year...what has yr experience been and what is their current accreditation status ? With some posters ready to graduate this year does this mean they now become accredited? I was wondering what is the requirement for/deal with workshops and what are the hybrid courses at SCJME? And who is a good person to correspond with at SJ...the person I communicate with is sporadic at times in his replies, is there anyone else? Would appreciate a PM if anyone has a name of person and an email to be in touch with.. Please guide and advise...getting nervous about it all as the time draws near ... dxb
  7. dxbtocvg

    PCCN review questions ?

    Passed my PCCN recently although just barely. It felt like it was 90% cardio and resp and ABG calculations, although that was probably not the case. I rushed through prep and my resources were a PCCN qbook, some free to use online reviews and questions, borrowed another qbank from a friend who is also prepping, and having recently completed our in house critical care class. Definitely something you should study for, and well. How does it help: well our place is heading towards magnet status and they are pushing for us to get our certifications, so it earned brownie points there. Plus if i relocate from here, its aother way of saying i knew what i was supposed to for this level of care (i work in icu step down/tele)
  8. dxbtocvg

    PCCN review questions ?

    I plan on giving my PCCN test in a few weeks. I have been reviewing material from woodruffs course/CDs...but he does not have a whole lot of questions. Conceptually the material is good but i feel i need to practice more questions. Could someone who has sat for the test please recommend a source, that, in hindsight was really good and helpful? Also hope to do the CMC after this , so, sources to review for that would be helpful as well. Thanks in advance! lee
  9. dxbtocvg

    Do you have an NP owned business/practice? Or want to?

    what sort of a business is it? Is it with any kind of NP or physician collaboration...always wondered how this sort of thing was done
  10. I am looking at Frontier schools requirements, and while I meet their gpa requirements, i have heard they are getting very competitive to get in..is this right? Also could not figure out if they offer to arrange clinicals for their students in the local area? They are about a 4 hour drive away from me..it would be a stretch, but I am in southern OH and could potentially drive over to assigned sites if i could not locate one of my own..might even have to get a KY license for that, but i guess they might have reciprocal endorsement for OH licenses? Can any Frontier grad/current student who went thru their site please provide some insight into the process of locating/being assigned clinical sites? Thanks so much ...in advance!!
  11. Does such a thing exist? I have a health sciences BS, and MBA in health care administration I got done with my ADN and RN, and just finished my orientation in a ICU step down unit...as I get into the swing of things at work, I want to move onto an ARNP role by doing an online MSN/NP with (ideally) a specialization in Adult acute care. In that case would I be able to do my preceptored clinicals at my place of work? or would i have to look for them online? I know the answer is going to be "it depends"! But seriously, does anyone know of such a program? I am in Cincinnati, OH, but if its online program then I guess it does not really matter where I am at! Also as a second option am looking for a similar FNP program where they will arrange the clinicals for you in the local area...in which case it will have to be in the Cincy area..?
  12. Not to rub it in or anything like that, but I think that the LPN is going the way of the dodobird (sorry , i know that sounds mean and harsh) but i s say it as one who was in your shoes, got an LPN and no job for an year almost. Thankfully my DH makes a half way decent income so after waiting an year of not being able to get a job i went back in and got my RN over the next year, and even with that i got a job after 3 mos of trying. Make no mistake nursing jobs for lpn or rns are getting harder for us new grads...even with the rn they prefer bsn rns cuz it helps them to get to magnet status as its one of the 'criteria' they need...so thats next on the radar for me. Enough of useless patter, i would recommend trying in : VAs (hire a lot of lpns) Correctional facilities LTCs A friend of mine got 3 jobs right out of lpn school: 2 in a LTCs and one in a correctional (she had contacts in the ltc) Also try this website: https://ohiomeansjobs.com/omj/ it is a great portal for all search engines in one Also go to gchc.com, its the cincy area heath council and they have orientation sessions for new grads off and on that might be useful to you..i went to one and got free editing for my resume with the HR person of a local hospital, which in retrospect was very useful! Look out for job fairs etc however the absolute best way to get a job is via contacts: be shameless about telling everyone you are looking for job, neighbors, mailman, fedex guy, EVERYONE..honestly i got my job via contacts on facebook, no kidding! Make it a job to look for your job, read the monster websites books on the topic, they are really good and give you a gameplan to keep a score of how well your job hunt is going it is doable, trust me...and when u get that job go straight ahead for yr lpn to rn or lpn to bsn pronto! good luck!
  13. dxbtocvg

    how do Mercy's salaries compare

    I am referring to the mercy hospitals in the greater Cincinnati area..I hear people saying all sorts of stuff from across the range: from the highest, and to the lowest end of the spectrum. Also do the different hospitals in the chain have different base pays... just wondering as i interview there next week thx
  14. Hi there! I am interested in applying for Frontier's FNP program and since I have an advanced degree in healthcare and am also an RN they have determined that I need to go the Portfolio route. From the sound of it it sounds like compiling all experiential and educational evidence and present it to them.. However I would love to talk to anyone who has gone through the process and created a portfolio of this kind ? Please , i really hope someone writes back...student, faculty, instructors etc..... TIA!
  15. dxbtocvg

    Excelsior College Grads???

    EC's ADN or any other ADN is fine as long as they are NLNAC (which they are). As long as you have your boards and decent contacts for getting you that first job (maybe where you work right now?) as an RN, you are all set. I personally LOVE EC!!!! In my opinion its the best value for people with some health care experience (LPNs etc) because its as fast or slow as you make it, no waiting list, but watch out for the mother of all nerve wrackers : the dreaded CPNE. If you survive that you have what it takes to survive RN requirements It cost me approx $6000 from start to finish, including attending one cpne workshop to get to RN FYI, for what its worth, I now have 2 jobs, one as instructor and another in telemetry and love them both.
  16. dxbtocvg

    About FNP jobs : a few qs

    What sort of settings do FNPs work in ..are there enough jobs out there? I am looking at FNP as an option , but am not familiar with their employment settings. Would i be required to work in hospital or office setting? Can I choose to specialize in a certain area of FP? I am not comfortable with obgyn, and assuming i make it thought the FNP rotations of obgyn, can i choose to leave that out of my practice area? Are there jobs out there that let you do that? Also how much does an FNP pay on average to for liability insurance..do employers cover that or is it our responsibility? thanks..sorry if these are dumb qs, i am just starting to look into it TIA