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Need help collecting data/information for capstone


Hello all!

I am planning to do my capstone project on different NP Practice models and with a focus on an independent practice model for NPs in OH.

I am looking to collect information and conduct both primary and secondary research on this topic starting now.....

I would really really appreciate any feedback from any and everyone who is aware of an NP practicing independently ...and who may perhaps be up for a short interview or just for her insight on this model and how it will likely evolve within the scope of the affordable care act.

Also, even if you don't know anyone but would like to share your opinion or experience I would really welcome that too!

thanks in advance!!

Hi, can you clarify what you mean by "independent?" I'm assuming you mean from other states as Ohio still requires collaboration. That being said, I have a collaborating physician but have actually only ran a case by them once in the last 10 months. They do chart reviews but don't work in my clinic. If you can give more details as to what you are looking for we can hopefully all chime in and help you!