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Juliefin has 29 years experience as a BSN, MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Advanced Practice Nrsg, Hospice & Palliative Care.

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  1. The 21st century is an amazing, yet potentially overwhelming, time to be a healthcare consumer. With the vast amount of health-related information that is as close as a few clicks on a keyboard, several swipes on a phone, or surfing through a few tel...
  2. Recommended Text: Not just Exam Prep Reviews

    Hi, honestly, I would recommend that you go to National Guideline Clearinghouse | Home and download /print the most common guidelines you'll use in primary care... JNC 8, cholesterol guidelines, ADA diabetes guidelines, GOLD for COPD, etc
  3. Is the VA a good place to work?

    Has anyone had any experience working as a NP in the VA (Cleveland); I'm considering a position there, have interviewed and it looks good but it's a 45 -50 minute commute in good weather...trying to decide if benefits etc would make it worth the driv...
  4. Need help collecting data/information for capstone

    Hi, can you clarify what you mean by "independent?" I'm assuming you mean from other states as Ohio still requires collaboration. That being said, I have a collaborating physician but have actually only ran a case by them once in the last 10 months....
  5. Advanced Assessment - Any tips?

    Recommend Bates assessment book, great!
  6. Passed AANP without live review?

    I did not do a live review either and took and passed tHe AANP exam with a good score on the first try less than 3 weeks after graduating. Here's what I did.... Bought CDs from Fitzgerald (used on Amazon) the summer before graduation, put them on my...
  7. Advanced Health Assessment

    What textbook are you using? If it's not Bates I would recommend getting a copy and reading it.
  8. Skills taught in the FNP program

    If you ever get a chance, I recommend the skills workshop by Denise Ramponi. She does it a few times a year out of Pittsburgh area. Costly but excellent (I just attended last month).
  9. what are my options to work as an NP except office or hospital

    I work at a clinic inside Walgreens and they don't require 5 yrs. in fact, they are hiring and training new grads (for 6-10 weeks , I think, which is a great orientation).
  10. TakeCare Clinics (Walgreens)

    Hi, I do work for them. Pay is good,I like it, probably won't do forever. My clinic is busiest in area but some are really slow and that would make me crazy. I'm never bored though. Nothing crazy on the interview.
  11. Chronic care at retail clinics?

    Hi everyone, to answer a few more questions. Patients can make appointments online or at our Kiosk but the system limits appointment slots to four a day to save the space for walk ins. The NP can override the system at any time and add additional app...
  12. Chronic care at retail clinics?

    So, I work in one of the clinics at Walgreens and feel I can therefore address this topic. First. walgreens is just beginning to delve into chronic care management and it is not something they have done without a lot of thought. Yes, we do emergency...