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Nurse Practitioners in Canada


I am looking for more information regarding the FNP role in the Canadian healthcare setting. I am currently a US citizen but interested in moving to Canada as I have plenty of family there but none here. I have my BSN, MSN and working towards becoming a diabetic educator in the next few months. I will complete 2 years in the FNP role this December. My nursing experience is in the ICU step down area (5 years).

My questions, if some one would be kind enough to answer them:

1. What would be a good area to move to ? I have saved up a bit so would like to move where I can make some real estate investments ( rentals etc) and also work in a family practice setting

2. What is the licensing process like and what is a reliable source of information for the application process

3. How much do FNPs make and what is the variation between provinces?

4. How hard is it to find jobs in big city areas like Toronto? I am a single mom and somewhat worried about being in a rural area in a new country, but am prepared to do what it takes.

5. Do all NPs have physician collaborators or is there any autonomy in practice any where?

6. What are other options for NPs as far as work settings are concerned?

I think thats quite enough Qs for now...hopefully some one will respond!


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