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Graduating soon ...what do I need to do?


Hello all,

I am getting ready to begin the final term of my NP program (gulp!) and wanting to find out as much as i can about what i need to be aware of when i pass that bridge!

I have been reviewing for my certification exam, and will probably go for the AANP.. no particular reason but just cuz the rest of my study buddies are doing it too.

Anyhow i started this thread to ask about what else i need to know...for practicing in OH and TX as I expect to be moving within an year or two of graduation from OH to TX.

What else ? I have read about NPI and DEA number applications...are these only done after I get a job? What about malpractice insurance? What else do I need to know?

Can anyone point me to a good comprehensive source of information for this sort of thing? I did not find much on the BON website

Thanks in advance!!

I graduated in May and am lining all this up now though it may vary a little by state. Passed AANP 2 weeks ago but waiting on my letter. The state DPH site lays out required steps...mine requires an application with passport photo, bank check, transcript directly from the school, verification form for pharmacology hours from school, and the letter from AANP. So, boards are first, though I have classmates that submitted their state APRN applications before they had written confirmation of passing boards. Once you get your state license you can proceed. NPI asks for an employment site and I think DEA may as well. For my state you need state drug license before federal. I start my job in a couple weeks so they'll help with some of this. You'd think schools would help more with this...we had to did a final project outlining steps but it was still murky and it would have been nicer to just get a list of steps from people who'd recently done it!

Hi Adenium,

Thanks for getting back to me on this question. You are lucky that you even have a project to do this on...we really are not even addressing this in our program going by what recent grads have said on this topic. One f/u question if you dont mind: what is the state DPH site? is this also applicable to OH? I googled but could not locate it


I'm in CT, I would think OH would have something similar?