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  1. NPs in 10 years

    Sadly the primary pay was about $70k, not $100k. I paid out of pocket at a state school and spent plenty. Wanted to recoup some and start real retirement savings. With the DNP push NPs' education will be even less cost effective The powers that...
  2. NPs in 10 years

    Just keep in mind there are reasons why MDs and PAs and often many NPs are choosing specialties over primary need to know a fair amount about a lot of things, see many patients in a day in short time slots, and you generally get compens...
  3. Clinical thank you gift

    If it was an office where I interacted with a lot of the MAs, secretary etc I brought in Dunkin Donuts or baked goodies or got a big Edible Arrangement. If it was really just the preceptor, I got a gift card for places they liked (Dunkin etc.) or a ...
  4. FamilyNPPrep Test Scores

    It is actually possible to get AANP approval quite early. I had my authorization to test within a week of finishing....the AANP lets you send in an application with an official transcript prior to completion of the program - it just has to show prog...
  5. AANP - Exam help/study suggestions

    The AANP will send a letter with your score and a listing of categories like planning or diagnosis or evaluation that really aren't helpful at all. Mine listed from strongest to weakest. Did you start your reapplication and CEs, or are you going to...
  6. AANP - Exam help/study suggestions

    Sorry to hear that! Did you feel there was anything in particular that was tougher? In any case the letter from AANP will only give you vague categories for weak areas like assessment/planning/evaluation so if you want to retake AANP I'd just get ...
  7. All these NPs making less than RNs?

    So true Cardiac-RN. I'm so excited to have 4 weeks vacation and actually have a prayer of taking time! With the hospital it was always such a coverage issue - most of us just had to give up some of our PTO because it didn't roll over and we couldn'...
  8. Rehashing the 2015 DNP Requirement Debate

    Good point elkpark. I have heard of that happening with some schools - my own happens to view PhD and DNP as adequate. My MSN professors were required to get the DNP if they didn't have it already.
  9. All these NPs making less than RNs?

    I did not take a pay cut, in fact I got a decent jump in pay, but I joined a large organization that could afford to pay well. The primary care office I interviewed at gave me a very low offer (close to RN pay, though with added productivity bonus a...
  10. Rehashing the 2015 DNP Requirement Debate

    My school was one of those that went to DNP-only and ended up switching back - there's just not enough interest as it means more time and money spent getting the degree, but no better clinical preparation or difference in pay. When I went looking fo...
  11. AANP - Exam help/study suggestions

    I found going thru APEA sample questions to be the easiest/most helpful thing to do as I got close to the exam. It was more pleasant to do that than try to reread study material which got harder and harder to concentrate on. That and looking over ...
  12. Graduating soon ...what do I need to do?

    I'm in CT, I would think OH would have something similar?
  13. Graduating soon ...what do I need to do?

    I graduated in May and am lining all this up now though it may vary a little by state. Passed AANP 2 weeks ago but waiting on my letter. The state DPH site lays out required steps...mine requires an application with passport photo, bank check, tran...
  14. Im I reading to much

    You will get there! Keep at it and good luck. Soon it will be in your rearview mirror.....
  15. AANP 2014 JNC, lipids, etc

    I took AANP FNP June 30. Had no questions that particularly required knowledge of JNC 8 vs JNC 7, or changes in lipid guidelines. Fitzgerald mentioned in her course in May that JNC 8 is old enough to be fair game, but we should focus on the core c...