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  1. kahoro

    my wish for you

    i do wish to take this opportunity and thank you all for praying for kenya a great nation , wars have declined and peace has taken the better part of the country god be with you all , love all trust a few do wrong to none
  2. kahoro

    my wish for you

    hi to all, have do wish to let you know that for 2008 always remember that life is short forgive quickly , kiss slowly , love trully laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile i wanted to wish you a happy 2008 since 31st eve ...
  3. im a foreign RN who learnt outside USA i want to know what are the requirments to be able to work as aRN this state .......... responses really appreciated
  4. kahoro

    Bad Contracts with Bad Agencies

    hello every one i do understand that there are hospitals which does direct hirig of nurses en i think its better to get the bull by its horns all that has been on this forum is about bad, bad , bad agencies i have not seen anythin about good agenci...
  5. kahoro

    an agency or not ?

    hello everyone , i know buddies dont like much bother but i need a couple of you to reply this there is an agency by the name cresent health care managment and operations 67 wall street, 22nd floor, new york, ny 10005 usa, phone: 212-709-8182 f...
  6. People handle criticism differently depending who is issuing it and the substance it holds. some act on it some don’t while others egotistically dismiss it yet any one who stands out from the crowd or dares to excel in the work place or in the corpo...