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People handle criticism differently depending who is issuing it and the substance it holds. some act on it some don’t while others egotistically dismiss it yet any one who stands out from the crowd or dares to excel in the work place or in the corporate world cannot escape criticism from both detractors and well-wishers . Rather than being knocked over or halted every time someone criticizes, it is possible to transform the criticism in to strength that will accelerate your career upward mobility

To effectively deal with criticism one need to dissect and analyze it is it, constructive or destructive ?? is it issued in good faith at then right time and place ?? is it justified ?? is the person criticizing you cutting you down to to gratify her/ his bloated ego ?? Further does the redress of the criticism add any value to your value to your life or that of the organization ?? do you respect critic’s character and can you decipher his or her motives ??

A negative attitude toward criticism can be more destructive than the criticism. Take it in your stride , with modesty .engage the critic in seeking solution and establish whether her/his sentiments are authentic and shared by other people , if they are not it is needless to argue with the critic wait for the time or others to prove the critic wrong

Enough quality time, with positive people will minimize the effect of negative criticism . it will also discourage you from being critical “when a hawk is attacked by crows he does not counterattack , instead he soars higher in ever-widening circles until the pest leave him alone , circle above your adversaries rather than battle with them if your positive attitude has any effect on negative people , it will be because of your example not your defensiveness . so rise above them it’s really hard to soar like eagles if you identify with the turkeys !!

Some people veer-off their mission every time they are criticized .mistakes should only serve as learning opportunities for every forward looking person always us mistakes as building blocks rather than roadblocks additionally don’t be too serious . Cultivate the ability to laugh at your own mistakes to dilute the effect of external criticism

In turning criticism in to stepping-stone, there certain principles that one should adopt after a quick decision on the appropriateness of the criticism , acknowledge it then identify a common point that you share with the critic and establish a relation based on that if the critic is qualified always encourage him or her to always to tell you what she/he thinks constant constructive criticism always make you better learn to be flexible with your ideas and convictions .the greater you want to be ,the more flexible you have to be .

People unmoved by criticism know how to back down . they may not feel the need to defend their right as they have learnt to differentiate between principles and taste they are flexible however on matters of principles, stand like a rock .on matters of taste , swim with the current

Learn to swallow your pride every time you do so ,you present yourself with an opportunity to progress .no one is perfect and by admitting your mistake ,you move a notch higher when taking criticism maintain your cool even well intentioned criticism turns defensive when you overreact more so avoid being defensive although some people’s reflex action on being criticized is to go on offensive , conflicts and mistakes are never amicably resolved in this state

Cultivating a good relationship with your critics present you with a guaranteed learning experience you can choose to gain wisdom from your critics or ulcers acknowledge the role they play in your career advancement or in your holistic life .you can choose to be motivated by your critics rather than being manipulated seeking for motivation in criticism is moving together for mutual advantage in motivation both you and the critics comes out as better person owning to the intercourse of the ideas however if you let critics manipulate you they’ll always win since have to continue working /living it is always important to learn how to always turn those problems to our advantage in renewed strength every time “problems are the cutting edge that distinguishes between success and failure” it is through the pain of confronting and resolving problems that we learn !the tendency to avoid problems and emotional suffering inherent in them is the primary basis of some of human mental illnesses. Taken positively, criticism opens up our eyes and enables us to see ourselves in a different light

Sometime we learn things about ourselves that we would never know unless somebody told us. Some time people tell us thing about ourselves that we really need to know.

You do not need to shrink and fret every time you make a mistake for fear of scathing criticism, from your boss, you can brave the mistake and Make the boss see that it was genuine human error and don’t feel guilty about it as a matter of fact it is destructive to feel guilty and criticize yourself often criticism leads to chronic feeling of inferiority nearly everyone suffer from believing that at time that they are not just good enough sometime this negative self talk gives us a strong motivation to succeed but we never seem to achieve we still that we’ve failed and to complicate this we constantly worry that other will find us out .we end up paying a very high price for our success

The more responsibilities you shoulder, the more criticism you’re bound to receive learn to delegate and to smart out of critics’ talons !!!!!!

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Good advice. I'm very sensitive and work very hard and it stings when I get negative feedback. But I've learned over the years not to allow others space in my head. But I've also learned to listen to criticism and learn from it. But it's a process. When I was younger criticism used to devastate me for days, now it's not long at all. Unless it's unjustified criticism based on incorrect information, then I feel the need to prove myself.

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