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  1. backbone

    The best hospital to work

    Hello nurses, My question is which hospital, in Las Vegas, has the best reputation to work for? Thank you much!
  2. backbone

    las vegas hospitals

    Hi, I would much appreciate if someone could tell me which hospital in Las Vegas has the best reputation regarding:wages,benefits,locations,patient/nurse ratio etc. Moneywise,is it better to work as a travel nurse or it's better to get hired by the hospital. Thank you very much.
  3. backbone

    patient-nurse ratio

    Thank you very much:yeah:
  4. backbone

    Best place tolive in Florida

    :wink2:Hi I would like to move to Florida and work there as RN. As I am not just out of school and not willing to move around much I would really appreciate if someone could tell me what's the best place for living in Florida(west coast) considering houses prices,nursing salary,p/n ratio, fast access to the ocean and and many more things that I can't think of. Thank you very much.
  5. backbone

    working in Clearwater or ST.Pete

    Is there somebody who has worked in Clearwater, Morton plant hospital, or any St.Pete hospital. Which hospital pays the best?Does somebody knows when some hospital offers you $26/hr how much more I can ask for? I have no experience with negotiation.I would appreciate every possible sugestion. Thank you very much for your time.
  6. backbone

    What is better?

    Hi, Moneywise,is it better in Honolulu,to be hired by the hospital or by the agency(to work as a travel nurse)? Any suggestion is very much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. backbone

    A temporary license

    Hi, is it possible to get a temporary nursing license while waitig for a permanent one? Thanks.
  8. backbone

    TN visa

    Hi, Does enyone knows if I can get a TN visa when I get an offer letter for a travel assigment of 12 weeks or it has to be a permanet job offer. Thanks
  9. backbone

    patient-nurse ratio

    Hi, Does enyone know what is patient-nurse ratio in Honolulu hospitals? Many thanks.
  10. backbone


    Is there any Canadian nurseworking in Montana who can tell me if I need a letter from an amployer to get a Social Security number. I have a visa screan and a letter from Nevada Board of Nursing that I passed NCLEX,but I do not have a job in US.I work in Canada. Thanks.
  11. backbone

    Canada or US

    Hi, When I said better I ment better re:health insurance ( I know just a little about it),money,patient ratio,housing etc. Thanks
  12. backbone

    Canada or US

    Hi, I am thinking of moving to Fenix. Thanks.
  13. backbone

    Canada or US

    Is it better to work as RN in Canada or US and why? Thanks
  14. backbone

    Orientation days

    How many orientation days you get when you start working as a travel nurse? Thank you.
  15. backbone

    Social Security number

    Thank you very much. I will try with a letter stating I meet requirements. Merry Christmas
  16. backbone


    Hello California nurses, I work as a RN in Canada and have a big problem with getting a license, as Social Security Administration could not issue me a Social Security Number without a license and vice versa(the board of nursing could not issue me a license withouta SSN) . It's 'Catch22".Is there enyone out there who can help me with right information. Thank you.