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JamieSch123 is a CNA and specializes in Home Health.

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  1. JamieSch123

    Adverse effects vs side effect

    I'm still unsure how to differentiate between the two. We have medication grids we're suppose to fill out with two separate catagories for side effects and adverse effects. I don't see how my drug guide book distinguishes between the two. It's really confusing.
  2. JamieSch123

    Adverse effects vs side effect

    Hey all, I was wondering if some could explain to me the difference between adverse effects and side effects. My Davis Drug Book has usually two separate catagories for drugs, but some only have adverse effects listed. Thanks!
  3. JamieSch123

    Thinking about Tutoring

    Has tutoring in nursing school help you perform better academically? I am considering taking advantage of the tutoring program at my school. What have been your experiences?
  4. JamieSch123

    Med Math

    Hey all - I'm not a strong math student. I scored 85% on the math section of the Teas, B- in applied college math, and an A in foundations of Chem. Do you think I'm capable of med Math? Is it mostly directional analysis (unit conversion) we did A LOT of this is chem.
  5. JamieSch123

    Panicking Over Vaccines 3 Weeks until School Starts!!!

    Finally heard from the director. She says I'm all set to start clinical!
  6. JamieSch123

    Panicking Over Vaccines 3 Weeks until School Starts!!!

    I'm hearing this response a lot. It's encouraging!!!!
  7. JamieSch123

    Panicking Over Vaccines 3 Weeks until School Starts!!!

    Just an update for anyone interested or had anything to say... I got my titer back and I was negative for Hep B antibodies. My PCP recommended picking up on the Hep B vaccine where I left off. She wants me to get a vaccine Monday and then come back for the final shot in 6 months. I won't show immunity before clinicals start. I'm feeling really upset. I really hope the clinical sites are okay with me currently taking the series. I'm guessing my director hasn't gotten back to me because we're still on summer break. I have worked so hard to get into nursing school. Cross your fingers for me.
  8. JamieSch123

    Panicking Over Vaccines 3 Weeks until School Starts!!!

    Thanks for the replies everyone, I have a voicemail and email out to my director. Still haven't heard back from her. The nurse at my doctors office recommended getting the titer done anyways then starting the sequence. I needed a titer for varcilla anyways. I'm still pretty stressed out, but thank you all for your comments. My clinicals don't start until mid October. So hopefully I'll have time.
  9. Hey Everyone, I'm currently having a melt down that I might not be able to start nursing school this fall. I just found out today that we need 3 doses of the Hep B vaccine or a titer that shows immunity before we start clinicals. Based on my records it looks like I only received 1 vaccine for Hep B in 2010. I'm getting a titer done tomorrow. Does anyone know what happens if I'm not immune? Can they give a booster that will give me immunity before school starts? Can this keep me out of nursing school? I am so upset. I could have taken care of this months ago if I was told. Thanks!
  10. JamieSch123

    Meal Prep During Nursing School

    Hey everyone, I'm curious what you all do for meal prep during school/clinicals. I'm trying to get organized and I struggle to eat properly when I'm busy. How do you all plan meals? Breakfast is the hardest meal for me. Thanks!

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