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  1. lizet4455RN

    How much should I ask for?

    I did think of that. The managers here usually do that and work from 8 to 430. Hopefully it will be the same. I wonder if I can ask for hourly and not salary. Is that an option?
  2. lizet4455RN

    How much should I ask for?

    I currently am a peritoneal and home hemodialysis nurse. I started out making $30 an hour. My husband got me an interview at his job because the pay was better. They offered me 38.50. I agreed and told my current company I got offered a good amount s...
  3. lizet4455RN

    Hospital vs clinic salary?

    I think clinic. I made 38.50 with a year and a half experience
  4. lizet4455RN

    Switching Careers from Nursing because I hate it so much

    If you want a desk job with nurse pay, why don't you look in to home dialysis nurse. I'm one, I do peritoneal and home hemo. I have my office, my desk, I see patients here and there. I get left alone. I don't run around and the pay is good since it's...
  5. lizet4455RN

    Exit interview: I want to report a sexually harrasser

    That's terrible, how some people can get away with that. Next time, hopefully there is no next time, speak up right away. Don't be afraid if retaliation because you didn't do anything wrong. Don't be afraid to have attention called to you, you have n...
  6. lizet4455RN

    Not doing a good job

    She literally said "by this point you should know my job better then me" in regards to when she's off nobody should be calling her because I should know. But I'm not a manager...she said some things I agree with, I gave a patient a hep b shot assumin...
  7. lizet4455RN

    Not a "bubbly" nurse

    As you can see from the title, I'm not a bubble nurse. I didn't think I needed to be. I know I'm friendly, I am easy to talk to. I try and make conversation with my patients and staff. But I also know I have a resting B face, I don't have a "happy" v...
  8. lizet4455RN

    Not doing a good job

    So I've been a nurse for over a year and got my first job right away. I've been at this company for that same amount of time. I'm a peritoneal and home hemodialysis nurse. We work in a clinic setting. A lot of paper work, charting, making appointment...
  9. lizet4455RN

    My NCLEX experience using Uworld-RN

  10. lizet4455RN

    My NCLEX experience using Uworld-RN

    Well I just wanted to share my experience with you guys. I took the NCLEX-RN on April 25th and I found out I passed on the 27th. I did the pearson vue trick and did the quick results. I finished in 75 questions with alot of multiple choice, EKG, prio...