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Prerequisites for accelerated BSN program


Please can any one let me know where i can do prerequisites for ABSN or DEMSN in San Jose area, i checked Community colleges and seems classes are all packed?

lifelearningrn, BSN, RN

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Usually an ABSN or DEMSN requite a BS in another field. Along with that you'll likely need all the usual suspects like A&P 1 + 2, Micro, Nutrition, Stats, Chem, Lifespan.. and maybe even a few more.

The non-sciences you can likely do online.. they are probably offered at your community colleges in the area.. you'll likely need to do your sciences in person (some schools have online sciences but not all schools will accept them into their nursing programs).

My suggestion is get enrolled and registered as early as possible at your local CC to get into the classes you need... or, if you can, go to another state that doesn't have such a shortage of classes. Here in Houston, there is never a shortages of classes for you to be able to get into.

omw2help, BSN, RN

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I'm planning on taking a few classes from UC Berkeley online extension - I know they have nutrition and stats.


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Some schools even offer online sciences with labs if you are so inclined, and so disciplined!

Hi OMW2help,

I am wondering how they do labs online. Where did you do Anatomy, Physiology, microbiology with labs?

I am in San Jose.


omw2help, BSN, RN

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OOPS sorry I never followed up with this thread! I took anatomy, physio, and micro at a private school... I tried to take them at the state and community colleges where I live and they were impossible to get into. The waiting lists were insane and quite depressing. :T

omw2help, BSN, RN

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Sorry I can't send private messages yet. I took my classes at USF, a private university. They have a sister school in the SJ area, I think it's Santa Clara?? I'd try looking into any of the private schools in your area, you'll pay A LOT for the class but you'll be able to get the class. I had to add into the classes the first day, but there was not a problem getting into them.

There was no way that I was going to be able to take them at the community college in SF, there was over 100 people trying to get into anatomy for a half a dozen wait-list slots. We were all waiting with crossed fingers outside the door, it was absolutely heartbreaking...

I heard community colleges down in your area were not as impacted, but I haven't checked this myself. Maybe check other community colleges that are within driving distance if you haven't already done so.

Good luck!

JeanettePNP, MSN, RN, NP

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I don't know if you can take sciences online or if your school will accept them, but see if you can get CLEP credits for humanities like sociology, psychology, human development, history or any such courses if they're required. The tests are very easy and you can get a passing score with minimal studying (some people say they studied the day of the test).

About the College Level Examination Program (CLEP)


omw2help, BSN, RN

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The sciences you can't take online because most schools require a laboratory. I have never heard of CLEP! I wish I had heard about that. Many of the humanities classes can be found online also.


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There are accredited colleges out there that do offer the sciences with the labs completely online. One I know off the top of my head is Ocean County College, it's in New Jersey. Of course, if you're out of state you will pay more for tuition but if you really need the classes and have no other option I suppose it would be worth the costs. Also, I don't believe they indicate these courses on your transcript as being taken online. I am not aware of any school that does (unless you go to a school that is known for being online like Univ of Phoenix), BUT does not hurt to make sure with the registrar.

Link to online science courses list:



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online demands discipline!

accelerated courses, mean crash course in your field of interest.

if you cant keep up, your screwed!

so think it carefully.

You should check your school website. The requirements can vary from school to school for instance from what I see some school require Stats while other do not.