Pregnancy: best during nursing school or as a new hire?

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Is it better to get pregnant/have your first newborn during nursing school or right after, as a new hire? What is less stressful? I was thinking having a child during nursing school would be less stressful, as there might be more time for the child..but then again, nursing school is all about proving yourself so who knows?

Any insight would be great...


WOW! while I totally get your wanting to have a baby (I have baby fever too) I think having one during NS is INSANE! Im only in my first semester and let me tell you, I can't wait till Im an RN and I have a full time job! I'll have soooo much more time for my family then! I dont work and Im a full time student and Im easily putting in 60 hours + a week in NS. It is INTENSE... But so far Im doing well (85 avg which = B). I'd like to be getting A's though at this point I'm finally coming to appreciate my B's. Especially when I see how much others are struggling just to get a C (78 in my program). Im 23 and have been married for 4 years and I really would like to start a family, but thats gunna have to wait till I have my diploma! Good Luck in whatever you decide but from my personal experience after a couple months of NS is wait! P.S. I've been told by many that its going to get harder each semester. I have no idea how this could get any harder =/

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When I had mine young and in school I found I didn't have time for the baby because I needed to study and not do involved stuff with the baby. I regret that most of my memories were of trying to cram for studies instead of planning outings and play time with the baby. Also if you get a job and then suddenly become pregnant's alright but to say you planned to get pregnant when you got a new job is a little out there.

If you can't wait for a couple years post getting a job then I would have it during school simply because who knows; sometimes it's not that easy to get pregnant and it could take awhile. If you could get pregnant and have the baby right at graduation that would be perfect then you wouldn't have had to feel guilty about spending all your time with the books and with a new job you would already have the child and only need a sitter and not have to take maternity as a new hire.

I have been an RN for 5 years, and have to agree with the above post, nursing school is much more stressful and time consuming than working. In most hospital jobs, you work 3 days per week. Many employers are also very flexible with schedules and understanding of new mothers. You can set up your schedule to compliment your husbands schedule so the baby does not have to go to daycare if that is your wish. In nursing school, you are constantly thinking about school, and on top of assignments, you also have clinicals, which sometime feel like a full time job themselves. Your schedule is NOT flexible at all in school. The stress of school and a crying, needy baby sound like way too much to handle for most people. Although I don't have children myself, I would encourage you to wait until you have a job, are stable, and can devote more time to your child.

wishing you the best for when you do start your family!

nursing school is a beast.

i would not deliberately add more responsibilties to myself during this time unless i absolutely had to.

there is nothing to "prove" in nursing school. just study hard, follow the rules and graduate.

I planned and did succeed getting pregnant in nursing school.( I wanted my kids close in age) Yes its hard, but so is working 12-14hr shifts at a hospital being pregnant (let alone not being prego). I reasoned that even though nursing school is hard mentally, physically it would be easier. I became prego second semester, gave birth end of third semester via c-section and came back to school after one week, took my third test and final then had the summer off with the baby. yes a whirlwind, but if your determined to graduate, nothing will get in your way. I made really good grades at the beginning of the semester, not missed a class, so if i did not to do that well on my final I would still pass. Now that I look back at it, I think pure adrenaline got me through it! Nursing is hard, but it dosen't compare to being a mom (working)! and more rewarding! good luck on your family planning!

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I'm 29 weeks pregnant now, I would wait until nursing school is done and possibly 6-12 months after you've established yourself as a nurse.

What a hard decision to make.

I went through this same dilemma, except with my second child. You can even read through my old posts about it. Long story short we chose to have a baby during the summer break between first and second year. People tell me I'm crazy all the time and I think it's rude. I have awesome grades, I'm a member of PTK and I've received about $5k in scholarships since starting school. I'm graduating in May and I have a beautiful baby boy.

That said, I was an awesome student before and knew what I was capable of. My friend had her first baby (the very last week of spring semester) and she had to drop out last week. Not everyone can do it. I am very fortunate to be able to have my children in full-time daycare during the week as well as not working (thank you GI Bill!). That leaves me with almost 3 full days to study 8am-5pm. In response to what tyvin said, when my family is home it's family time. I try to keep my studies and my life separate as much as possible. I try to make the most of my time at home alone so that my husband and children aren't forced to fend for themselves on the evenings and weekends. The semesters do get harder, but you get smarter and your critical thinking skills improve. My test average is the same as it was in my first semester (88). No, it's not an A, but not many get A's in nursing school. Especially when an A is a 93.

If you have the resources, you may be able to do it. However, if you have to work, and/or won't have childcare, then you may want to rethink this idea. Are you going to have a summer break? Do you have a lot of friends and family nearby?

I'm not sure I could have had my first baby during nursing school. I was in school when I had my first but I was taking my classes online at that point and only 2 classes per semester. Our first had horrible colic and I stayed at home with him until he was 9 months and I had to start taking classes on campus.

Good luck with your decision. Chances are that if you are like me and won't let anything get in your way you can do it! People will support you if you are confident in your decision. A lot of people think I'm nuts, but a lot more people are impressed. I'm a nursing mother and even make sure I have time to pump during my 13 hour clinical days.

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I had my second child in nursing school. I'm in my last semester now and it's really hard, but totally doable. I write papers/study between my kids' naps and after they go to bed at night. You just have to stay organized...I mean SUPER organized. I actually think I do better because I don't procrastinate anymore. I get things done ahead of time because I know I might not have time later. The previous posters are right though...I think the hardest part is not being able to make my own schedule. I plan my life according to school and there is no way around it. I did take one rotation off to be home with the kids which was definitely worth it. You have to stay sane and keep your priorities straight. I hope that made sense. It will never be a good time to have kids. Life will always throw something at you.

Well I have two children(not in NS school yet), while I was pregnant I worked full time and school partime (prereqs) as hard as everyone says NS is I couldn't imagine being pregnant while in NS. Just being in regular classes I had pregnancy brain, alot harder to concentrate and my memory was terrible! I would suggest establishing your career first, why make it harder than you have to? Good Luck

The two students who were pregnant during nursing school dropped out for a semester and graduated the next year.

I would not recommend having a baby during the first year of working as a nurse. Nursing school is more than taking a few courses; it is a way of life.

If you read the threads around here, you will see that new grads face an enormous amount of stress. New grads often have the least amount of flexibility in their schedules since you often follow your preceptor's schedule and may have classes to attend outside of work if you orient to a specialty area.

My recommendation is to have the baby after one year of nursing experience. You will have the degree and the experience to make job changes to fit your life if you need to.

I am a new graduate, and I found that the demands of nursing school did not leave a lot of extra time left over for anything.

It wouldn't be impossible to have a baby during nursing school, especially if you have a lot of support, but you would quickly find yourself stretched pretty thin! Also, life with babies does not follow a schedule. Unfortunately, nursing school sometimes follows a very rigid schedule. There's not always a lot of wiggle room.

If you are in a hurry to start your family because of fertility concerns, you could always try for a baby during your last year of school (when you can see the light at the end of that tunnel!). Otherwise, I agree with RNperdiem in having a baby after you have been employed as a nurse.

Either way, best of luck to you!

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