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  1. Rough start....not coping at all.

    I'm dying for a clinic setting! I have no idea where to find such a job. I have worked in outpatient not related to nursing but there weren't nurses there. I loved it even though I was an aide. I even asked my own doc if he was hiring but he wants a ...
  2. I'm honestly ready to quit my job, but cannot until I find something else. I have never had such anxiety over anything in my life. I cry before every shift and many times after. I can't enjoy my days off because I'm worried about coming back in. Im c...
  3. New grad and scared to work

    I have been working for about 5 months now and am still literally on the verge of tears before and after every shift...I am petrified to come back each time and am praying it will go away sooner than later. I can't even enjoy my days off...so I defin...
  4. feelings on new grad in the ICU

    I just started in the ICU and it's really rough! My preceptor tells me I'm doing fine, but the lack of experience is my worst enemy right now. I think it's hard to start anywhere though as a new grad. Good luck to you!
  5. What I've learned while studying for NCLEX

    I already took the NCLEX and just find this post hilarious! I totally feel for what you're going through! Don't get caught up in details -- you wont see them anyway!!! Just understand the big picture. YOU KNOW THIS STUFF!!! Best of luck! It wasn't s...
  6. Am I'm too serious to be a RN?

    I'm exactly the same way!!!!! Every job in the past that I have had, I have always been the awkward quiet one. Despite this, my sincerity to my pt's both in the past and Gd willing in the future has shown through. As long as they feel that you care a...
  7. Thank you!!! I'm petrified, but ridiculously excited!
  8. Hi guys! I feel like a little kid about to start kindergarten -- I just bought my first (White, not so thrilled about the color) uniform for my first nursing job (GOOD-BYE UGLY SCHOOL NURSING UNIFORM!!) !!!! I'm just really happy right now and wante...
  9. potential future nurse seeking wisdom from current nurses

    Sorry to break it to you, but there is NO guarantee of a job. Ever. Nursing is HARD and sometimes back breaking labor. You really have to enjoy it and be able to handle anything.
  10. I made a homework assignment for myself: I sat down before my interview and wrote down clear examples to every common question they could possibly ask. They want concise examples from your clinical experience. That way I didn't have to say...ummmm......
  11. Has anyone ever failed the nclex using exam cram? Curious.

    I passed with 75q and I didn't do NCLEX 3500 at all. I did Exam Cram and All the Free Kaplan tests online, oh and LaCharity of course. Good luck!
  12. Wonderful, thank you!
  13. Thank you! I'll look into it!
  14. I'm looking for some resources before I start my brand new job in the ICU!! What do you think of this book? Would the older edition suffice? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0323026575/sr=8-1/qid=1305085094/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&a...
  15. A Nurse CAN be both sexy & smart

    There's a difference between being attractive and attracting...I always try to be attractive without being attracting. It's something I live by. I'm big on being modest, but well kept in every environment.