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Hello all!

As part of my pre-reqs for nursing I have enrolled in a college composition course. Our project for the semester is a 10 page thesis on anything we'd like. Our prof. wants us to come up with 3 possible topics and write a paragraph on each one, and finally narrow our selection to one. I'm really having a tough time with coming up with a subject that won't put the poor teacher to sleep while grading my paper. My lifes experiences are in real estate and marketing (Yaaaaaaawnnnn....). Could you please suggest some really cool topics that I could sink my teeth into and not put me to sleep? Any help would be greatly apprecitated!

Thanks gang!


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I would pick topics that have something to do with nursing/health. Who knows, what you learn writing the paper may help you in a future class.

I once did a paper on how you can prevent cancer by using good nutrition (that was for my nutrition class)

You could do a paper on stem cell research - including what it is, how it can help people, ethical views, methods of getting stem cells - there should be a lot of info out there on this

Also you could do one on genetic engineering (I did this one for ethics class) - There is a lot of info out there on this. You could use the same angles as I mentioned for stem cell research.

That is all I can think of just offhand (I just woke up) If I think anymore I will post them for you.


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What area of nursing do you think you would like to be involved in after you graduate? That might be a good path to start on - for ex., if you are interested in psych nursing you could zoom in on a particular mental illness; if ortho appeals to you you could maybe talk about prevention of osteporosis, treatments, something like that. Maybe even a report on why you are choosing the nursing field to begin with. Did a particular experience in your life guide you toward this path? Usually whatever your passion is will flow right out once you get into the researching of it. Good luck!


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Thanks det01!

I should have added that the instructor has forbidden certain subjects which include:

Stem cell research, abortion, suicide, assisted suicide, gay marriage, or other similar topics (if you can find a similarity, that is).

I've added genetic engineering to my list. I think it may get a cut from the prof, though. Thanks!


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Hi Carolanne,

I should have defined what I meant by a "thesis paper":

- it's one side of an argument

-the topic must be one which is either fully established, or cannot be proven.

-it must answer a question

For example, "why I want to be a nurse" really has no basis for research. On the other hand, something like "banning citizen's from owning handguns is the answer to gang violence" would make a great topic for a thesis paper. There's lots of research material out there, and is definitely one side of an argument. See what I mean?

Thanks again!


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The treatment of Migraine headaches there are many different approaches and ideas out there and lots of information. That might be one to try

Good Luck



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I did a similar paper for an English course on Why childhood obesity is on the rise in America. There are literlay thousnads of articles on this subject and many differant areas to explore. My teacher really enjoyed it and I got an A.

Hope this helps and good luck!


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I had to do a fairly lengthy paper in my intro to nursing class. Did childhood obesity which was an easy enough topic for researching. Besides picking a topic interesting to you, think what the teacher can enjoy reading as well. A fresh and new topic is always appreciated by teachers who read the same things every semester

nurse2be in ny

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Too bad you can't write on the more controversial stuff. That would make for some *really* interesting reading.


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What kind of school do you go to?

I even went to a very conservative christian school and we could right on those topics...I guess maybe the teacher doesn't want to stir up any true controversy...but where is the learning in that?


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Hi Det01 and others:

I know, those are some pretty interesting topics. I don't really understand the rationale myself. I would have to guess it's because what is really important in this course is the development of a thesis paper, and not so much what we are covering. I don't think the prof wants to stir up a lot of controversial and emotional conversation about the topic per se, but would rather focus on the teaching and learning of a thesis paper style. What is really important in this class is developmental style and one's ability to argue. Then again, I can't speak for the prof., so why am I trying?

"Ours is not to wonder why, our's is but to do, and die."

Incidently, "child obesity" has made it to the top of the list. Other options are ecotourism, subliminal advertising, acid rain.....

Thanks again to all who have responded! You are a great suppport team!


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