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  1. det01

    Fall 2009 Graduate school roll call!!!

    1. Name your school 2. Degree you will be working on (including specialty) 3. whether you will be working full time or part time or quit 4. Will you be attending part time or full time 5. And ... 1. Tennessee Regents Online via Tennessee State University 2. MSN in Nursing Education 3. I do not work right now, if you call have 3 kids 5 and under not working 4. Full Time 5. I am just starting in Jan. It will take 4 semesters and then I will have my Masters. I then plan to do a post masters NP certificate.
  2. det01

    RNs- Mostly first born? Alcoholic fathers?

    I answered other. I am a 1st born of a schitzophrenic/bipolar father and a severely depressed mother. My mother was and is loving..but my dad and depression took up a lot of her time.
  3. det01

    Take my survey, its for class!!!

    1.) what is your highest level of education? BSN 2.) What type of facility do you work in? (Hospital, homehealth, office, etc) doctor office 3.) Is your current facility hiring? Does it offer hire-on bonuses? not sure; NO 4.) Do you feel as though your place of employment is short staffed? not really 5.) If #4 is "yes," Can you give one or two examples? 6.) How many hours do you work a week? Do you feel valued? Overworked? 36-40. yes. no. 7.) Is overtime expected of you? no, not really but if there is a need and someone stays they are appreciative. 8.) Have you left a job bc of short staffing? yes, but it was not a nursing job 9.) How many years have you been working in the field? less than one 10.) If near retiring age, do you plan on retiring, or continuing to work? Do you feel as though retiring is an option-or do you feel as though you are "needed" be your facility too badly to leave?
  4. I recieved no alternative format questions (not even a math one) and passed with 80 questions. However, I have more than one friend that got 2-3 of them and did not pass...and they did not have a high number of questions either. I have some friends that did get them and passed. I think it may just be random. I guess that supports what has been said on here before that nothing can tell you whether or not you passed until you get your score. People pass and fail with 75, people pass and fail with 265. People get alternative format questions and pass/fail, people do not get them and pass/fail. BTW, we have all taken the NCLEX in the past couple of months, so these are very recent results. Good luck! Hope you passed!
  5. det01

    Effective Communication

    for third graders why not have a puppet show...sometimes it is a nice way to communicate with friends/family other times is not...they have to tell you which it is, and if it is bad what the puppet should have done differently.
  6. det01


    hello. I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a new RN (passed NCLEX and got license last week). I am working in a pediatric clinic.
  7. det01

    hi! i am looking for a pediatrics nurse

    I would answer questions, but I just became an RN last week, so I am not sure how helpful I could be other than telling why I chose pediatrics and what I think so far.
  8. det01

    New RN in outpatient clinic

    Hello. I just started my first job...I graduated in August. It is in a clinic and I love it! They let me work as a tech until I passed the NCLEX...which I passed and got my paper license last week. Good Luck to you!
  9. det01

    practicing in nursing school

    we did everythign short of caths and NGs on each other...but as people said every school is different. I would suggest meeting and talking to someone who has recently graduated from the program, a senior in the program, or an instructor and asking them that question. You will get a better answer.
  10. People can do it...I did it twice! I had my 2 year old right after my freshman year (I was 27 and a half - DH was turning 30 in less than a month). I was 17 weeks pregnant when I graduated Summa Cum Laude back in August of this year! At 22 weeks pregnant I was hired and started my job. (I worked as a tech till I could pass the NCLEX). At 26 weeks pregnant (this week) I passed the NCLEX with only 80 questions (although in all honestly I was worried that I failed - really worried). (I will be 30 when this baby is born. DH will be 32) However, there is another side to this. I have known people that either had to drop out of school or failed a class after having a child. I was lucky enough to have a strong supporter in my husband...that helped a lot. It does require a lot of time management and sacrifice on both your and your family's part. Only you can truly decide if this is something you can do. Good luck making your decision as well as being able to handle it when you do!
  11. det01

    Poll for those who have already taken NCLEX..

    1. How many questions did you take on NCLEX? 80 2. What study materials did you use? Did you take a test review course? DREXEL review course, NSNA study book and CDROM, any free question sites I could find on the internet, Mosby's NCLEX cards, and I made sure to memorize my lab values and what they mean as well as what the normal vital signs are for various ages of children 3. Did your SON offer any testing (ERI, ATI, HESI)? Well the 1st nursing school did ATI and HESI, second one did HESI for us, but have now switched to ATI (DH is military and we transfered bases while I was in nursing school so I had to switch schools) 4. How long did you wait for results of the test, or are you still waiting? I did the quick results so 48 hours exactly. 5. What were your thoughts coming out of the test (total disbelief, certainty you had failed, confident you had passed)? total disbelief and I was ALMOST certain I failed...actually I cried and had moments of panic 6. Was this your first attempt at NCLEX? yes
  12. det01

    What does a lot of priority questions mean!!!

    CONGRATS! I found out I passed today as well! I had a lot of priority ?s as well.
  13. det01

    I just took the NCLEX this morning...

    Thanks everyone! Prayers worked! I found out via early results today that I passed!!!!!! I am so excited! Now, I just have to get my license number to practice in my state!
  14. Everyone says I should not be worried because I am a straight A student (I do not think this is true at all!) I had 80 questions and it took me exactly an hour to take the test. I was surprised that I did not get even one dose/calc question - I am good at those so I was hoping for at least a couple...my test was strange to me really...I got mostly prioritization question. My biggest worry is that I got no alternative format questions - all of mine were the multiple choice variety...this really makes me feel like I failed:( I am so depressed right now!
  15. where I live it has been taking 1-2 days for the number to appear on the BON website for the people in my class. I take my NCLEX tomorrow, so I'll see how long it takes for me!
  16. det01


    Just wanted to let everyone know I did get a job - one I really wanted in fact! Thanks for the advice though!