Who's waiting on acceptance letters?

  1. I'm supposed to hear about getting into the program or not by the beginning or March. Who else is waiting on their acceptance letter to get into their nursing program?

    I am only taking a couple of pre-req's that I need while I am waiting. I am taking Sociology, Psychology, and Biology (since I haven't taken it since High School and that was almost 8 years ago!)

    Just wanted to connect with some other people who are waiting.
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  3. by   sissyboo
    I'm kinda waiting! I was accepted to an ADN program in the Spring of 2006 to start fall of 2007..now there's been some changes in my life and a closer, less expensive LPN program is more appealing. I take the NET test the first week of March and should know within two weeks whether I made in the top 31 scores and can interview for a seat.

    I waited for three months on a letter from the ADN program...I know its hard not to be antsy!! Good Luck!!
  4. by   lainith
    Good luck to you too! What is the NET test? Is that like COMPASS? I got on the ACT website and studied for mine because I had to take the math portion of the test and it has been a long time since I took any math!
  5. by   xt1
    I am waiting for an acceptance letter. Think they could send these things out a bit earlier before early registration. NET = nursing entrance test
  6. by   DesertRain
    I think my school is the only one who doesn't let those accepted until a couple months before. I applied for Fall '07, the completion date (to finish up prereq's and other submissions/requirements) is June 1st so they don't let anyone know for a while after that. What a bummer. I'll be the last to know and may not even get in LOL.
  7. by   L&D_2b
    I know how you all feel. I put my application in for the local community college's ASN program last June. I had to wait until yesterday to get my acceptance letter. Boy, that was a long 7 months!
    I wish you all the best of luck. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you
    Take Care,
  8. by   medhead
    End of Feb/beginning of March here too.
  9. by   BlessedMom
    I am waiting! Its driving me bonkers. The deadline for Fall 07 WEC BSN-RN program was Nov 1. Not sure when they are sending out acceptance. I think by next month. Before it was supposed to be January but they moved it back
  10. by   Huscarl73
    End of May at the soonest for an August start. I think I'm going to think positive and start my immunizations early.
  11. by   lisabeth
    I'm hoping to get my acceptance letter around Spring Break time. It wont be an easy wait, but maybe time will go fast.
  12. by   elby812
    I turned in my paper work for FCCJ RN program last week. The deadline is Feb 1 for summer start. So they say that acceptance letters are sent out 8 weeks from the deadline so I should hear sometime the end of March or so. Hopefully. I've heard they're late sometimes! Grrr... I hate waiting.

    I took my NAT (nursing applitude test) and did my cpr certification last week. I'm done with all my prereqs except micro which I'm in now. So I guess all I can do now is wait, pray and concentrate on doing well in micro.

    Good luck to everyone else out there waiting!!
  13. by   CardiacButterfly
    I'm kinda waiting for my acceptance letter..I have an interview with the DON and if it all goes well.. I will start this spring for the LPN program.
  14. by   MB37
    I applied about 3 months ago, but our applications aren't due until March 15 for a May start. They only look at GPA, so it doesn't take long to process the aps. Hopefully we'll hear by the end of March...