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  1. BlessedMom

    Where to go to school?!

    I am a student at Maryville. I am a transfer student. They do weigh credits taken at Maryville when you're applying for a nursing student position. I have three children so I wanted a BSN WEC program. They have a fantastic program and I've really enjoyed it so far. Their pass rate this year was crazy high. Its a hard program but from other nurses I've talked to their program is highly regarded. My best friend went to UMSL and she said it was all right but she is in the Maryville Master's program. However, she went through the BSN portion a few years ago. I would NOT reccommend Chamberlain b/c of all the craziness that they have had surrounding them. The other schools I am not very educated about. Good luck in Chem and good luck picking the perfect school for you!
  2. BlessedMom


    I just tried to pm you back and it said your mailbox is full! :)
  3. BlessedMom

    When the nursing student gets sick...

    Taketwo...that was hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh!
  4. BlessedMom

    When the nursing student gets sick...

    Yikes. I just wanted to tell you that I hope you feel better soon! And I wanted to add not to send any goobers orbiting this way :) lol.
  5. BlessedMom

    I Made It!! Maryville Yeah!

    No worries!! :) Glad to be here for you! The PT working is a GREAT thing. Friends who are nurses have told me that if you work at the hospital PT you can often really get to pick and choose more which department you would want to work in once school is done. I am not sure if that works for all hospitals but it is defintely an idea!! I thought about the accelrated program too and was thinking about both but I needed WEC b/c I am a mom of three beautiful kids and wanted to be there for them. I am blessed that I dont have to work but I just know its part of what I was placed on this earth for :). Keep in touch! I will keep ya in prayer and wishing for the best of luck. Cannot wait to hear your good news!
  6. BlessedMom

    I Made It!! Maryville Yeah!

    You totally sound like me. After I would talk to my advisor I would analyse every single word IN the conversation! lol! I cannot wait to hear the GREAT news from you that you are IN! Which one do you want to be in more?
  7. BlessedMom

    I got my letter

    Congratulations. I just got accepted into the BSN-RN program at Maryville...GO CLASS OF 2010! :). Its a big step but its a step to a dream. Heres to hoping the best for you as you continue on in your journey to be a NURSE!
  8. BlessedMom

    Admissions to UMSL nursing school

    I am going through the Maryville program but I just wanted to wish you luck! Heres to hoping you get that letter of ACCEPTANCE really soon!
  9. BlessedMom

    I Made It!! Maryville Yeah!

    It is so nervewracking isn't it? I was running constantly to the mailbox like my undies were on fire and was soooo disheartened when all I got was a darn Dominos coupon or a bill! lol. GOOD LUCK! That is a good GPA! I know its hard when things are so competitive but hopefully your GPA is right in there. Did they tell you when they are likely to let you guys know? My GPA is VERY similar to your own!
  10. BlessedMom

    I Made It!! Maryville Yeah!

    I am not sure when apps were due. I turned mine in about a year and a half ago as I finished prereqs and then they just ask you in the fall if you are still interested and they put your file in for consideration. What school are you looking at?
  11. BlessedMom

    I Made It!! Maryville Yeah!

    I am now a part of the Fall 2008 WEC for Nursing. WOOOOO HOOOO! I cannot believe how happy I am! This is soooo awesome! Anyone out there have any advice for me? Its the last two years of Nursing-clincals and what not.
  12. BlessedMom

    I Just Passed The Nclex-pn Boards!!!!!!!

    That is awesome. Congratulations and WELL DONE!
  13. BlessedMom

    Let's spice it up, MO!

    I've not been on here too much. I am just taking one course right now just to have Maryville credits. All my prereqs are done. I am originally from this area but my husband was military and then a government worker so we've been a few places :). My basics: I am 30. Happily Married. Mother to 3 kids. Love Cardinal baseball. Love soccer. Love board games. Have been a SAHM for years now. Going back to college but only through the WEC program so I can be with my kids during the day. I am nervous. I should be starting nursing at Maryville in the Fall of 2008.
  14. BlessedMom


    I tried to pm you but it didn't work so I figured I would post. I ended up being on the waitlist for this year. I was 1 or 2 on the list and didn't make it in this year (so close but so far away). I was in Florida so I was unable to get credits through Maryville since I was not in Missouri. It did hurt my chances, yes. I have a 3.6 with all my prereqs done. The only reason I didn't get in was because of my lack of credits thru Maryville. I am taking a course this year in order to increase my chances for next year. I don't need anymore courses,my prereqs are done, so I am just taking one purely for that reason. Its a little disheartening as I worked really hard and I really want to be a Maryville Nursing student but I am trying to take it in stride. If you are thinking of applying at Maryville I would highly suggest that you take a Fall class. They accept Fall credits before they accept Spring ones (ie:If I have 3 credits in the Fall and SusieQ has 3 credits in the Spring...I am looked at before her). My advisor is great. Just wish the rules had some exception ability. :uhoh21: ETA: I saw a post that said you are taking a class there. Thats awesome! I am too. Maybe we can go through NS together. I really pray this is THE time. I know being a nurse is what I am supposed to be. I am a mom of three and I only want to do school at night or weekend and I REALLY want my BSN (I already have over 80+ credits for peep's sake. lol).
  15. BlessedMom

    Anyone else on a waiting list?

    I know right? lol. At least someone understands my pain! What was really ridiculous is that there are multiple persons in there who have a much lower GPA but since they were able to take a class (I am 16 hours away right now (have been for a few years) we are moving up there in a couple weeks) they get chosen first. I don't get it but hey...things happen for a reason right? Congrats on your January date! WOO HOO!!!
  16. BlessedMom

    Anyone else on a waiting list?

    I am and it stinks. I am on the waitlist and am in the top 20 on the list but there are only 56 slots...so not looking too hot. *sigh*. All my prereqs are done so I am just twiddling my fingers now. The reason I didn't get in was b/c I didn't have credits with that school so once I move and get in the area of the school I have to take a random class so I have credits with em. Strange.