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I'm supposed to hear about getting into the program or not by the beginning or March. Who else is waiting on their acceptance letter to get into their nursing program? I am only taking a couple... Read More

  1. by   nessa1980
    Trini and Caeluna!
    I too have applied to hunter college? How did you guys do on the NLN? I screwed up the verbal section! Thought there was only 60 questions and left 20 blank!! Nightmare!
    Do you mind me asking what your GPA's are??? Do you think you did well on the NLN?? What classes are you guys taking this semester?? Hunter is so competitive, it sucks!
    Best of luck! I wish you both the best! When do you think we'll get our NLN results? :spin:
  2. by   UNCNurseWannaB
    the school I applied to can send letters as late as April 15th - which may seem early to some, but classes start on May 15th! This gives me no time to plan anything! I have to move three hours away from my current location, along with my family of three - that's a lot of work to do in 1 month! I hope they get them (the letters) out early - but either way, I CAN'T WAIT!!!
  3. by   tigress_8207
    i'm waiting for fall 07,will know around july.pray for me
  4. by   chococroissant
    Nessa! I got my NLN scores and posted it on the NLN thread. Its what i really am banking on. GPA is 3.4.

    I hope everythings gonna go well with your NLN! With mine, I had always hoped for getting 160+ (lol) to have a better chance. i felt disillusioned after taking the test. When i got my score I think I did considerably better than what I expected, though far from what I originally hoped for.

    Hunter is also the only school i applied to so Im trying to keep a positive attitude.

    Good luck to us Whoooh.
  5. by   nessa1980
    U have just made me so nervous!! You got your NLN scores already??? Did they come in the mail?? I havent received anything! I havent checked what your score was yet, but im sure you did great. Will check now! I wish you the best!!
  6. by   robotmonkey
    I'm waiting for a letter from Pasadena Community College. I think it should be here any day now. I'm not very optimistic since it's totally a lottery. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck everyone.

  7. by   Cherish
    Good luck to everyone I know the waiting game is horrible...feels like russian roulette doesn't it?
  8. by   trepinCT
    Quote from elby812
    I did the same exact thing!! Our letters don't go out until the end of March! Jeez. :roll

    So funny!! I did the same thing!!! I am not alone in going crazy..congrats to all who got their acceptance letters..hooray!!!... I am waiting for the 4 CC I applied to..end of March, when they get back from spring break (which is this week)...stomach in knots..going crazy!!!
  9. by   nynurse2be
    Another waiter here
  10. by   Olive Oyl
    I just mailed my application last week! OMG I have to wait until mid-May! Last night I dreamed that I got the letter early and it said "We don't usually send out acceptance letters until May, but we were so impressed with your application, that we are inviting into our program early."....It's official...I've LOST MY MIND.
  11. by   Butterfly3001
    I am waiting also, this will be my second time applying to nursing school. So keep me in your prayers. I wont know anything until June.
  12. by   Sugarcoma
    I am also waiting for "the letter." I am slowly going out of my mind. Although we are not supposed to get ours until sometime in April, I check my mail every single day. My mailman is starting to fear me. I have so far resisted the urge to call the nursing dept and ask for an exact date, but do not know how much longer I can restrain myself. I have my schools website memorized, all of the allnurses threads dealing with Macomb Community College memorized, and have also been contemplating trying to bribe someone in admissions to notify me as soon as they know! LOL. I thought I was a rational human being until I applied to nursing school! The wait is driving me crazy!!!! Good luck to all of us still waiting!
  13. by   Batman24
    I am still waiting for my NLN scores and it has been 2 weeks today. I need to call them on Monday. I will check with the school first to see if they received our scores yet. Maybe the school sent the tests in late. It was my understanding that they would send them in to be graded that Monday, but who knows?! lol