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  1. tigress_8207

    CNO ,IEN's

    Hi if you dont mind me asking where are you from?I'm also an IEN still awaiting NNAS report but i applied for RPN rather than RN after reading many post and realising was a better chance.If you want you can PM me and we can chat.
  2. tigress_8207

    RPN vs RN

  3. tigress_8207


    Hi am an IEN hoping to migrate to Canada.I have submitted my documents to NNAS and awaiting their advisory report so i can plan my next step towards the immigration process.Anyone else applied this year or waiting to hear from NNAS?
  4. tigress_8207

    MedPro Staffing Agency.

    Yes not disputing they will definitely get you a job.Was just saying to be prepared that it may not be immediately upon arrival
  5. tigress_8207

    MedPro Staffing Agency.

    What they do is wait until you arrive then to start looking for job placement for you.Since the lawsuit they have changed some details of they contract.Google search medpro lawsuit.It will give you some insight.
  6. tigress_8207

    MedPro Staffing Agency.

    They are reliable in that they will get you into the country as promised but you may be there for months without any job offers and they make exhorbitant sums off of you.There is also a hefty fine for breach of contract.Please do your research before agreeing to anything
  7. tigress_8207

    Iv antibiotic running as primary?

    At the Hospital where I work we flush the line with at least 20 ml NS so that the patient receives all of their antibiotics.
  8. tigress_8207

    I moved to Canada as a nurse!!!!!

    Hi can anyone please email me the name of the agency angel_nizam@hotmail.com.Thanks
  9. tigress_8207

    ADN jobs

    Ok didn't know that so thanks for the info.Will have to look at alternative options
  10. tigress_8207

    ADN jobs

    Hi all I'm an internationally educated RN who will be migrating to Canada.Since my qualifications are not caparable with Canada are there any jobs I can apply for using my ADN until I have enough money to do a bridging program?Thanks
  11. tigress_8207

    RPN vs RN

    Hi all.I am an international educated nurse who will be migrating to Canada.I have started my application with NNAS.Should I apply as an RN or RPN?.I'm and RN in my country but have noticed the requirements are different in Canada.Also if I apply as an RPN are there any RPN- BSN programs that I can do,Preferably online that is accredited?Hope my Questions make sense. Thanks
  12. tigress_8207

    Toronto nurses

  13. tigress_8207

    Toronto nurses

    I am an RN from the caribbean hoping to immigrate to toronto canada.Hoping to connect with nurses from area that can assist me with questions regarding job vacancies/applications and immigration.Thanks in advance
  14. tigress_8207

    Urgent RN-BSN

    Hi all I am an internationally trained RN.Barbados to be exact.However i am considering relocating to Canada at some point.I want to do an online RN-BSN course can you please tell me what are the accredited universities in Canada. Have searched online but not sure.Also will my current RN certification be accepted to attain a Rn JOB.Any info you guys can provide will be greatly appreciated Thanks.
  15. tigress_8207

    Help Please.Benefits to hospital

    Thanks for replying Everyone