Who Would Like To Be Part Of The Lose Weight And Get Healthy Team?!

  1. A few of us were commenting that we need to lose a significant amount of weight. Let's team up and cheer each other on to lose weight, exercise, and get healthy!! We can do it!! umpiron:

    We can take it 5 or 10 pounds at a time so those of us with a lot to lose won't get discouraged. We can officially start April 1st so everyone can prepare and get their last binges out of the way. :roll

    Everyone is welcome!! Let's take back control of our lives and get healthy!! Who is in?!
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  3. by   Cherish
    I'm in. I'm currently on a new life plan (aka diet) to improve my health and image. I'm trying to bring sexy back! So I will join in this challenge and will be looking towards everyone for guidance and support.

    Just a tip for those who need some help (like me) check out http://www.sparkpeople.com its a GREAT FREE site.

    I'm aiming to reduce 5-10 % of current weight till I get to my goal weight. So I'm taking mini-goal steps to the big goal (35lbs).
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  4. by   GottaGetIn
    I'm in!!!! I just started my diet on Monday! I need to lose 10lbs, but would love to lose 15!
  5. by   leesespieces
    [font=book antiqua]count me in too! i lost 30+ pounds last year and quit smoking last summer (great right?) well, quitting smoking has helped me put on all that 30 pounds plus a little:angryfire i'm pretty much disgusted with it and i've been starting to smoke again.........
    [font=book antiqua]tried the low-carb thing for a while, thats how i lost the weight last time. but i cannot handle all that fat and grease anymore!!!!! it's been hard to diet/exercise while in nursing school, but i will be done in 7 weeks! i want to look good when i start my career, and feel good too!
    [font=book antiqua]so we're starting april 1st huh?!! ok!!!!!!
  6. by   jmgrn65
    I wish I had only 10 lbs to lose maybe add another zero at the end.
    I am IN
    Cherish I joined that website.
  7. by   UNCNurseWannaB
    I'm in!!! I lost 50 lbs last summer, and have gained about 20 lbs back -

    I would love to have that 20 lbs gone before I start nursing school (if I get in!)!!!

    This is a great idea!
  8. by   Lilnurse0803
    Ok, I am no longer a nursing student so would I be out of line to join this thread as well? I need to lose 35-40 lbs so that my sexy is back and better than ever. I need to get myself ready for the rigors of 12 hour night shifts and want to look sleek in my light blue scrubs. I need my body of death back. It went on a 10 year hiatus and now wants to come back home.

    I have gone back to my weight watchers point system and although I have not rejoined the program, I am diligently watching and journaling everything I eat; I am doing the flex program. My goal is to lose 8-10 a month.

    I would love to root you all on and hope that I too can offer encouragement on our wonderful journey to our lighter selves.
  9. by   djnme2000
    Oh I'm in I need to loose at least 75lbs , but 100 lbs would make me super hot ROFL. I need some motivation. I've lost about 7-8 lbs so far but only lose that much and then I get stuck..
  10. by   GottaGetIn
    ANYONE can join this challenge! Welcome!!!
  11. by   medhead
    I want to join! I too started my own plan on Monday and so far so good! I've already lost a couple of pounds and am feeling very motivated at this point. I've got a lot of summer activities planned this year and much of it involves wearing a bathing suit...I want to be able to kick a$$ in it and not feel self conscious about it :roll So...my goal is to lose 20 lbs by mid-June. I'm looking forward to the motivation from all of you and to motivate back! I can deal with the diet, it's the exercise I need the extra push to do!!!
  12. by   Multicollinearity
    A few years ago I lost 40 pounds. I never gained it back. So it IS possible to lose the wait and keep it off. I attribute this to exercise and eating few simple carbs such as white bread and sugar. I really don't crave much because if I want something I have one or two small bites. Small portions.

    So I don't need to lose any weight...I'm just popping in to say it is possible and keep at it!
  13. by   Jilaweez
    OOOHH...Me. I used to be a health and fitness buff. After I had my first daughter I was in the gym and started skating again...I looked good! Then I had two more babies back to back and for the first time I really need to loose weight. I finally got motivated and joined the gym again..I have been going for ten weeks at least 4-5x's a week and I finally lost 2lbs!! 28 more to go. I think I was afraid that I'd never get THAT body back..especially after having a c-section (fear of saggy tummy, yuck). But I decided to let go of that fear..maybe I won't get THAT body back but now I'm looking forward to bringing the NEW SEXY BACK!! Hehehe

    p.s. My husband tells me he likes me "soft", is that a nice way of saying he doesn't mind if i'm chubby? He better like me a little less soft cause that's the direction i'm headed..men!
  14. by   Athenas83
    This is awesome! I don't have any pounds to lose but got pretty healthy taking up running. It's still a battle to get my runs in and need all the encouragement I can get!