What class/classes are you taking this Summer'09 - page 4

I'll start with mine... For session A - Sociology001 and Math125 For session B - Political Science001 I am taking both Sociology and Pol Sci online while my Math class is hybrid. I would... Read More

  1. by   JenWish2bRN
    I'm taking A&P II over the summer. June 1st to Aug 22nd 2 nights a week then I start LPN School the end of Aug. for 10 mos...then onto the RN bridge...loootttts of studying ahead!! ahhh!! Good luck in your classes everyone!!
  2. by   MotherToPeanut
    I'm taking English Composition 1 (online) and American National Government. I had to take a year-long government class in high school and I'm really not thrilled about having to take another one.
  3. by   2bNurse22*
    Session 1 & 2

    Biology - Human Anatomy

    Grrrrrrr , I wanted to take more classes but we have LIMITS on the units we can take...I wish I can take physiology , sociology , or psychology as a theird class...
  4. by   Ms. Nurse Assistant
    I am taking

    English II
    Chemistry I

    was thinking about adding another class but not sure if I can afford to buy more books
  5. by   SierraMoon
    I'm taking Medical Microbiology. It's the class that ate summer, we meet four days a week for lab and have three hour lectures on Tuesday and Thursday. I already can't wait to be done and it doesn't start until June.
  6. by   gr8txrn2b
    summer 1---math
    summer 2---psyc....i was too scared to take a science during the summer
  7. by   Miss_Piggy.RN
    Micro and Psychology 100 .... or Psychology 100&200 and statistics
    I signed up for all these classes but I still didn't decide if I want easy summer or a bit harder
  8. by   ChicagoICU_RN
    1st session general bio(6wks) and general chem(12wks)
    2nd session a&p I(6wks)and general chem

    1st week of hell completed...11 more to go
  9. by   Sand_Dollar
    Micro, AP2 and General Psych, all in a 10 week session. These are the last of my sciences, should be fun!

    I didn't mention that I also have to paint the inside of our house and get it ready so we can move back in during that time too - that... not so fun. lol But I will finally be back home!! hooray!!
  10. by   PurposebyDesign
    I cant wait for the summer classes to be over :lol_hitti. Classes are overwhelming and fast, But it feels awsome when they are done.
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  11. by   Cee_Lee_78
    I am taking a 10 week Micro. Then I only have my last AP series in fall! I can not wait!!
  12. by   missybear88
    I'm taking Bio over the summer, so I can take A&P in the fall.
  13. by   suzisk8
    I am taking Sociology online through my cc. At the university for the first session I am taking Nutrition and Statistics and the second session Communications. I have taken summer classes for the past two summers at the cc and in the end it is worth it. I can get started on the Sociology class now because the teacher has posted the guidelines and assignments on her website. Yea! In this little break I have I need to organize my house because my fiance will be moving in at the begining of July, eeek!