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  1. purplerain123

    Austin, TX area---LVN program recommendations?

    Austin Community College program is good. That is the program that I am currently in and I have learned a lot in just my first semester. If you want to know more just let me know
  2. purplerain123

    ***CLASS OF 2011***

    Will hopefully graduate May 2011.... Start date Jan 2010
  3. purplerain123

    LVN Program at Austin Community College

    Yes I am planning on doing there bridging program right after... You have a greater advantage at getting into the bridging program if you apply within 1 year of graduating from the LVN program at ACC..
  4. purplerain123

    LVN Program at Austin Community College

    There are 40 accepted and the classes are all in the same room with 1 teacher for each class teaching all 40 students so it does not matter who you choose to take the class with everyone is together through the whole semester. There were 40 to start in our class and now there is 37.
  5. purplerain123

    LVN Program at Austin Community College

    Congrats to you for getting into the program
  6. purplerain123

    LVN Program at Austin Community College

    It's OK so far , ALOT of reading... So as a heads up make sure to refresh up on your pharmacology so that is one less thing you have to study..
  7. purplerain123

    LVN Program at Austin Community College

    Hello, I am in my 1st semester in the LVN program at ACC. I have looked on here for others in the same program at ACC on here but have yet to find any. Is there anyone on here currently at ACC in LVN program? Any semester.. Share your stories
  8. purplerain123

    First semester clinicals

    I'm in the 1st year of LVN school and we have clinicals for 1 day a week for 5 weeks..
  9. purplerain123

    First week of school

    I start on Jan 19 (Tues) in my nursing program.. At orientation they already gave us alot of material to study and have down before class even starts. The instructors told us in orientation that there will be alot of people to drop due to the high demand of studying needed to pass and that only the strongest will survive.. Now I'm nervous :uhoh3:
  10. purplerain123

    PDA's for Student Nurses??? Helpful or Not???

    My school allows them on clinical days.. I got a ipod touch and I so far have not used it but hopefully it will come in handy...
  11. purplerain123

    So, what color are your school uniforms?

    At Austin Community College our LVN uniforms are White Scrub tops and Hunter Green Scrub pants... Have no idea why they would choose white, it gets so dirty so fast
  12. purplerain123

    Any extra money $ heheheehe....

    I too am unemployed and struggle with money after buying everything needed for school... I have been trying to look for a job on the weekend but have been unsuccessful because it seems that alot of places are not hiring and especially just for weekend positions only. We can all struggle together...
  13. purplerain123

    NCLEX-PN Study Material

    Nursing Education Consultants, Inc. - Review Courses http://www.nursinged.com/courses.html This is the link that the school gave us to use as a study guide Hope it helps.....
  14. purplerain123

    January 2010 starts

    I start in 1 week and I am so nervous and exited all at once... Can't wait to finally just start:uhoh3::uhoh3:
  15. purplerain123

    Where are you located